Xanax Dangers

Today’s world is a lot different from that of just a generation ago. People face new problems and challenges but don’t always have the right solutions for them.

In an attempt to escape their problems many people have turned towards drug as a solution. And, it’s not just street drugs. Nowadays a person can go see their medical doctor and walk away with a prescription. These prescriptions offer the false hope of help but usually will end up in a story of despair.

Never before in our society have drugs been used as a “cure-all” like they are today. Where in the past people would turn toward family or religion they are now turning toward the medical field for a magical pill to relive their sufferings.

One area, which is affecting people is stress or anxiety. The body when under stress can react in various ways, some of them uncomfortable to experience. Some of the things that can happen are:

Rapid heart rate.


Tense stomach muscles




All of these can be symptoms of a person under stress or experiencing an anxiety attack. As a result the person may not be able to function normally in life. Some people can be in social settings without experiencing an attack and others have difficulty with work. Whatever the trigger, it is often unknown what to do to stop it. And so a pill gets ordered, one such as Xanax, in order to “calm the nerves and relieve the feeling of anxiety.”

Xanax is a benzo or benzodiazepine drug that is prescribed for anxiety. It is one of the most popular and highly abuse of its kind and is said to “slow things down” for the user.

Problems With Prescriptions

The problem with Xanax is that it is:

Extremely addictive

Have horrible withdrawal symptoms

Cause severe mental disturbances and disabilities

Have a ton of side effects, which are the actual “effects of use.”

Just some of the side effects of this drug include:


Slowed thinking.

Inability to urinate.

Chest pain.

Uncontrollable muscle movements.



Fainting or passing out.


Suicidal thoughts and actions.

Narconon Discusses Natural Ways to Handle Stress

What’s more important to know is that there are many proven natural ways to handle stress that don’t have the addictive dangers or the side effects. And many of these are not advertised or supported in our current society because they cannot be sold by anyone for profit. That doesn’t mean that they are not just as effective if not more so than other modern day solutions.

Among the traditional ways of handling stress or anxiety such as deep breathing, healthy foods and exercise, there are things that can be added into your lifestyle in order to reduce the overall incidents of stress.

Fresh Air and Space

Believe it or not a persons mind and body can suffer from being cooped up in a house, or in an office all day. Dealing with the day-to-day grind without a chance to relax and get some space has actually been proven to be a contributor to stress. Many people who take a walk every morning or evening have a much healthier and stress free outlook on life.

Remove Negativity

Some people tend to lean toward the more negative in life, creating a glass is half empty sort of outlook on things. Being around these people or being one of these people will actually bring down your ability to handle life situations when they arise. A person looking at things from a positive outlook will always come up with better solutions and outcomes than an angry or sad person will. If you associate with negative people it would be wise to look at the effect that they are having on your mood and remove them from your life.

There are many people in the world today who live without dependency on drugs and who have found that natural living is a wise solution. These people are not suffering from disease or mental illness but instead of focusing on the positive and finding new ways to create the happiness that they seek.

For more information on Xanax and other benzo’s go to Narconon on YouTube and watch our informative videos.

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