Women Now Abusing Alcohol At Similar Levels To Men

Many people struggle with drinking problems today. Recent research shows that alcohol abuse among women, in particular, is increasing. It was found by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of NSW that both males and females now have their first drink around the age of 14.

This is compared to age 17 for women who were born between 1953 and 1962, which was actually two years later than men of the same generation. In addition, the number of women from Australia who have been diagnosed with symptoms of alcohol abuse has jumped up by 27,000.

Why Are Women Drinking So Much?

There could be many different reasons why women are drinking more these days. One individual, Monique Steger, claims that she drank to fit in. When she would go out to pubs, everyone would be drunk. In fact, she said that she sticks out more now that she doesn’t drink and people stare at her because she isn’t drunk. While many women feel subjected to this form of peer pressure, experts believe that the increase may be because of the equal opportunity movement in society as well as how alcohol is promoted. The message out there seems to be that drinking alcohol is a socially acceptable activity to take part in, along with TV commercials showing young beautiful women drinking and having a good time.

Then to top it off, the National Medical Health and Research Council recommend men drink no more than four standard drinks per day. Four drinks a day?? If this is the medically advised consumption rate of alcohol, it is no wonder why there are so many people with drinking problems. There is also the fact the women tend to weigh less than men, and therefore become drunk more quickly. This could cause addiction to occur sooner as well as other alcohol related problems.

The Dangers of Alcohol

It has been found that the human brain continues to develop until the age of 25 to 26. This means that anything interfering with this development may have detrimental effects. In fact, in cases of heavy alcohol abuse, the brain can be altered permanently. Alcohol abuse can cause impairment of memory, verbal skills, intelligence and social skills.

For example, if a young teen begins using alcohol in order to cope with being shy or facing stressful situations and continues this use, he will never acquire the ability to develop his own coping mechanisms and other social skills that are very important in life. Aside from the mental impairments that abusing alcohol may cause, there are other dangers as well. Being under the influence of alcohol can cause people to behave in ways they wouldn’t normally behave. This may include behaviors such as criminal or sexual activity.

Speaking of criminal and sexual activity, there has been a dramatic increase of both over the recent years and kids are getting involved in these sorts of things at a much younger age than before.

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