Why Rehab is the Key to Stopping Drug Use

If stopping drug use was as easy as starting, it’s safe to say that far fewer individuals in our country would be struggling with drug addiction. After all, most individuals who use drug substances–no matter the reason–normally reach a point where they recognize that drug use is harmful to their health, relationships, and life and they wish to be free from it. The difficulty does not, therefore, lie in desiring to quit drug use, as some may believe, but in actually successfully quitting drug use. This is why drug rehab is essential.

Understanding Drug Addiction Treatment

An individual first turns to drug use in response to some problem they have encountered in their life. Whether this problem is minor–like curiosity or a desire to fit in with their peers–or major–like severe and chronic physical pain–the individual is under the impression that drugs can assist them. The individual chooses to use drugs, and since these chemical substances can suppress undesirable and stimulate desirable symptoms, they often choose to continue using drugs so that they will not have to face their problems.

The human body is quite impressive in that it works hard to adapt to whatever may come its way. In the case of regular drug use, the body adapts by learning to tolerate these chemical substances and not react so dramatically to them. What this means to the individual is that he no longer experiences the same effects as a result of the same amount of drug use. He often chooses to increase his drug use as a result. The body continues to try to adapt, and will eventually work the drug chemicals into its patterns of functioning, becoming dependent upon them in order to keep operating. A body that is dependent upon drugs but does not receive them in adequate quantity will be thrown into uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This can drive the individual into addictive behavior, where they compulsively continue their drug seeking behavior despite adverse consequences.

There are several reasons why rehab is necessary in order for an individual to put an end to their drug use. Not only must the individual put an end to their current drug use, but they must also address and resolve the effects of their drug use. Additionally, they need to take an honest look at why they turned to drug use in the first place and how they will be able to prevent a future return to drug use under similar circumstances in the future. A successful drug rehab program includes:

  • Physical detox. The individual will need to come off drug use and eliminate residual drug substances from their body. As one can imagine, this is often far easier said than done. Drugs can extensively damage the body, making it feel weak, tired and sick on a regular basis. An individual who is abusing or addicted to drugs “handles” this discomfort by taking drugs that suppress these symptoms. Therefore, in order to come off drugs and in order to eliminate residual drugs from the system, the individual will have to face this discomfort and work through it. Needless to say, doing this alone is difficult at best and impossible at worst.
  • Taking responsibility for past decisions and consequences. It’s easy for a drug addict to blame others for their drug problems, but this will not help them move forward into a more stable and healthy future. With support from others, they can take responsibility for past decisions and consequences so that they will make better ones in the future.
  • Changing patterns and routines. Healthy, sober individuals normally have many different interests and focus in their life, while a drug addict spends all their time, effort, and attention on getting, using, and recovering from drugs. Patterns and routines that condone or encourage drug use can make it extremely difficult for the individual to remain abstinent, especially when things get tough in their life. This is why the individual will need to change the way they think and act–processes that are greatly aided by a well-designed rehab program.

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