Why LSD Stays in The Body

LSD has started cropping up again as a drug of choice for many teens and adults. Making it psychedelic debut in the 60’s and 70’s other new and more mainstream drugs had started to take its place. This trend was a good thing considering that the research done on LSD and its users have turned up some alarming trends. These trends are too obvious to be called coincidental and while you have to chose your source wisely you will find agreement amongst the more elite medical community. LSD among other drugs has been proven to keep itself securely lodged in your body’s fatty deposits. The drug being stored there safely then has the ability to sneak up on you again in the future whether you like it or not. Drugs in the body can reactivate at any given time. Sometimes you will feel the fully effect of the drugs and other times just a partial one.

Research has been conducted by various medical doctors wherein the fat cells of the body where removed and tested. These test results turned up drug residues along with other environmental toxins and chemicals. These tests prove that the reason behind people who experience wild unexplainable things both shortly and years after experimenting with drugs is because of the body’s ability and tendency to store these substances.

There have been many stories and medical reports, which have showed up of people complaining about unexplained trips in the middle of the day. Trips, which not only incapacitate them mentally but also emotionally cripple them. Having a drug reaction when you haven’t actually taken a drug recently can be a scary experience and more than a few people have reported this happening. In fact so many people have reported it that some have even started to try to explain it away as simply a mental reaction. While yes the person is suffering from a mental reaction it is actually in fact a result of the drugs reactivating in their system, as has been proven in extensive research.

Getting Rid of LSD Toxins Through Narconon

Study after study and test after test prove that drugs do store in the body. The problem was also evidenced in a New Yorker article and is seen daily by the numbers of people who have physical drug cravings. These cravings can be for for LSD and other substances, and make it nearly impossible to stop using drugs without professional help. All illicit and prescription drugs continue to reside in the body and will do so until they are successfully removed by a full Sweat Detox Program called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Purifying the body and removing these drugs is the only chance that some people have to live a normal life after drug abuse.

The program that Narconon offers is one of the most successful and proven ways to remove the drugs from the fatty tissues of the body. In fact it was developed with the sole purpose of doing so. After hundreds of tests and case studies the program utilized by Narconon was fine tuned and solidified. This program has now helped hundreds and hundreds of people on their road to recovery and this has been shown by the recent Narconon video on 40 years of proven results.

So while some choose to ignore the facts that are sitting right in front of them and claim that recurring drug trips and hallucinations are simply a mental disorder and should be treated as such, others are detoxifying themselves of the harmful effects of drugs once taken and getting themselves on the road to recovery. Able once again to lead a normal and happy life.


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