Why Facebook Drug Abuse Resources Exist And How To Use Them

When doing a search on Facebook there are a variety of drug abuse prevention organizations who have set up pages just like other businesses and groups in the country. Private organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse have their own page which puts out drug facts, announces drug prevention events and also provides tips for spotting and handing an addiction. Private organizations like Narconon drug rehabilitation also have pages that publish new drug information, trends and offer rehabilitation help to those in need.

Facebook has become a drug abuse prevention forum for adults and teens alike but like anything else users have to be willing to use the resources to get help. And, unfortunately that is not always the situation.

With So Many Resources Why Will Addicts Not Get Help

A Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration news release reports that on average it takes 15 years for an individual to get into treatment from the time they start abusing drugs and alcohol. With so many resources for help and information through Narconon drug rehabilitation and Facebook drug abuse prevention pages, as well as private and public Internet sites many have to wonder why?

Drug addiction costs society hundreds of billions of dollars every year. This is including incarceration costs, lost production, damage and overall work that society has to put in to handle the problem. The emotional damage that it takes on users and family members as well as loved ones puts the cost much higher.

So why don’t addicts just get help for their drug problems?

There are a number of reasons why an addiction person will not get help. Part of it has to do with embarrassment and not wanting others to find out about the problem and judge. There are also some who don’t want to lose their job, friendships or relationships because of the issue. As a results they try to keep it hidden as long as possible.

But, this is not the primary reason why a person with a drug problem will not get help. The main reason most will wait to get into treatment is because the addictive qualities of the drugs create such an effect on them that the desire to keep using becomes greater than anything else.

One will neglect family and loved ones, lose jobs, homes, money and personal possessions. They will even put themselves in dangerous and life-threatening situations to keep using drugs.

What Can Be Done

To someone on the outside of an addiction problem looking in, the situation can seem hopeless. However family members must use the resources that are available through not only Narconon drug rehabilitation, but Facebook drug abuse prevention pages and NA. They must learn everything they can about substance abuse and addiction and find the right program for their loved one.
The best solutions for an addiction rehab program are ones that last 4-6 months, are inpatient and no not use substitute drugs or prescriptions to handle addiction.

Once a program is found one must do everything in their power to get the person to treatment. This may include family intervention, professional intervention or the tough love approach. After the individual starts the program families must be supportive but stern that they have to complete the treatment. Aftercare is also a key part of the rehabilitation process once it is done.

By doing all these things and using the resources through Facebook drug abuse prevention pages as well as Narconon drug rehabilitation, there can be a real chance at ending addiction.

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