Why Addiction To Prescription Drugs Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions

It has been proven that the United States’ fastest growing drug problem revolves around prescription drugs and has been declared an epidemic, says the US Office of National Drug Control Policy. A recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health was released recently with an alarming but not surprising find: Abuse of prescription pain killers has risen is recent years and is now more widely used over illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin and LSD.

It is now considered America’s biggest drug abuse problem next to marijuana. The numbers speak for themselves; in this same survey it showed that people using cocaine were down at 1.5 million from 2 million in 2002 and 5.8 million in the mid-1980s. Other drugs such as methamphetamine displayed a similar trend.

With the fall of these statistics comes a shocking find. The same National Survey on Drug Use and Health concluded that there were 7 million users of “psychotherapeutics” in 2010. Also, out of the 36,450 overdose deaths in the United States, a shocking 20,044 of those were connected to prescription drugs. This is a figure higher than all other illicit drugs put together.

In addition, the number of prescriptions filled for opioid pain relievers, which are some of the most powerful drugs on the market, have recently increased tremendously. That’s not the only thing that has increased.  The milligram-per-person use of these prescription opioids in the U.S. has gone from 74 milligrams to a shocking 369 milligrams.  That is an unbelievable increase of 402 percent.

Many Have Asked How This Could Have Happened

The answer is in the doctor’s office. Though most doctors have only the best intentions for their patients, this is where it starts. A person comes in complaining of pain from either an accident or from a surgery and that’s the first step. Then they are prescribed pain medication or whatever else, which are very easy to abuse. Then they build a tolerance to the meds and find themselves blowing through the prescription every month.

In fact, one individual told his experience of obtaining prescription drugs from a doctor. He sought out a doctor because he was having some lower back pain. The doctor prescribed him Oxycontin (a highly addictive painkiller) without even discussing any non-addictive alternatives. This patient mentioned the option if medical marijuana, which was shot down by the doctor stating that it served too high a risk of being abused. In fact, the doctor offered morphine as well as Fentanyl (a dangerously addictive synthetic opiate that is known to be 200 times as powerful as Heroin).

When the patient expressed concern about addiction to these drugs, he was prescribed Clonopin to help with the withdrawal symptoms “just in case”. Now, this may not be the typical occurrence in every doctor’s office, but it serves as a good example of what is happening in a great many of them.

What Can You Do To Stop The Epidemic

Sometimes you have to look out for yourself and this is one of those cases. When visiting the doctor with an ache or pain, make sure he discusses with you all of the options. If he insists that you must take a prescription drug, you can get another opinion.
If a prescription is needed, which in some cases they are you should follow the directions exactly and stop taking them when advised.

If you feel as if you are becoming dependent on the substances get immediate help.

Narconon has seen that the sooner a prescription drug problem is treated the more likely full recovery from it is.

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