What One Narconon Freedom Center Objective Did For Me

happy coupleThe following is a review from a client of our program about one of our Objective exercises. These exercises help to extrovert an individual and are part of the Communication & Perception Course that clients complete during our program. Here is the review:

Objective 10 is the best! I have regained my freedom. And the only person that was holding me captive was myself. I’ve always defined myself by the past and others opinions, but now I see that it’s all imaginary. I am not defined by anything or anyone. I cannot be defined! Every waking moment I have the freedom to be whoever I decide to be and do whatever I decide to do. Nothing is holding me back!

I have the opportunity to LIVE and I am taking advantage of that. I have NOTHING to fear…I worried about what others thought and whether or not they believed in me. But none of that matters. I AM HAPPY with who I am and what I’m doing. I knowwhat I’m doing. And with every present moment I experience, I have an infinite amount of options of how to live. I feel I can fly.

I never realized how many unconscious postulates I made for myself (and about myself) that held me in an imaginary prison. Now I make positive conscious postulates that are guaranteed to happen. I have absolutely no limitations. I have complete control of myself, my life and the path I take. I’m perfectly free.

I’m not worried if others doubt me because I have all the confidence that I need right here within me. I’m ready to take action because I decided that I’m a rockstar and I ain’t scared of nuthin’!

Thank you so much Narconon with all my heart and the utmost sincerity.

S.A. – Narconon Freedom Center Client

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