What is the Synthetic Drug 2C-E

Regardless of their composition, potency and intended purpose, all drugs are chemical substances that have the potential to lead to tolerance, abuse, dependence, and addiction problems. Unfortunately, many individuals turn to drugs because they believe that these substances have the ability to help them in some way, and continue to use these substances when they feel that they are more helpful than harmful. It’s for this reason that drugs are heavily regulated and placed into categories that restrict their use–and some of the most dangerous and potent drugs are illegal drugs. This obviously doesn’t mean that illegal drugs are entirely unobtainable, but it does mean that they can be difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities at the desired times in order to fulfill the individual user’s needs. Some drug manufacturers have sought to resolve this problem with the creation of synthetic drugs.

Synthetic Drugs and 2C-E

Synthetic drugs are man-made substances that are designed to mimic the effects of other drug substances–like spice, which mimics the effects of marijuana, and bath salts, which mimic the effects of crystal meth. Some individuals are under the impression that synthetic drugs are safer than “natural” drugs because they are man-made, but actually, these drugs can be considerably more dangerous than the drugs they have been designed to mimic. Part of the reason for this is because there is always a period during which they are not at all regulated–as the government is unaware of their existence and their composition–and even after their chemical components are regulated by the government, manufacturers can change their composition in order to stay one step ahead of the law. For the user, this means that there is no way to be certain of exactly what they are ingesting or just how it will affect their body. And with each new synthetic drug that’s introduced, the risk increases, which has been well-proven since the release of 2C-E, or “Europa.”

2C-E is a synthetic hallucinogen which is said to mimic the effects of LSD and psychedelic mushrooms. A mere ten to twenty milligrams of this dangerous drug substance can create “trips” that last anywhere between six to ten hours, which is considerably longer than many similar drug substances and therefore quite likely behind its popularity. Strangely enough, 2C-E is not actually a new synthetic drug–having being created more than three decades ago–in the 1970s–by California psychopharmacologist Alexander Shulgin. Even more surprising is the fact that Shulgin possessed a Drug Enforcement Agency license that gave him permission to produce synthetic drugs in his laboratory so that he could analyze drugs and provide testimony used in prosecutions. Shulgin eventually lost this license when he became a synthetic drug enthusiast, which unfortunately didn’t change the fact that he was responsible for the creation of drugs like 2C-E, which continue to threaten the health and lives of individuals across our country.

2C-E is normally ingested by swallowing it, though it’s occasionally snorted. The problem with snorting the drug is that this tends to create a lot of pain in the nasal cavity which can continue for up to ninety minutes until the full effects of the drug kick in. Individuals who use 2C-E may find that it can enhance their perceptions, distorting sounds to change how music sounds, and changing the visual effects experienced when watching TV or movies. High doses of 2C-E can lead to distorted, swirling colors and other, intense hallucinations. The use of 2C-E can also lead to hallucinations, respiratory difficulties, increased heart rate, chest pain, agitation, and more.

As is the case with other drug substances, the best way to resolve 2C-E abuse, dependence or addiction is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Individuals who are well-informed about the truth of 2C-E are better able to understand how dangerous it is, and can then avoid its use. For those who have already fallen into the trap of abuse, dependence or addiction, immediate and effective rehabilitation treatment is necessary to help them overcome this problem.

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