What is Molly

mollyMolly is the name given to a new form crystal MDMA, formerly known as Ecstasy. In 2013, Molly has regained popularity, even being mentioned in songs by top pop artists, like Miley Cyrus and Kanye West. Molly is most popular where its predecessor was – raves and dance parties. In 2013, Molly was suspected to be the cause of two deaths at a music festival in New York. Because of the deaths, the festival was cancelled.

The Effects and Symptoms of Molly

Molly is boasted to be a purer form to MDMA. Ecstasy has been altered since being widely available at rave parties. Molly is no exception. There is no more of a guarantee that a pill of Molly is pure MDMA. Molly is often combined with other drugs or substances – such as caffeine and Ketamine. Sometimes, pills sold as Molly contain no MDMA at all. Molly created an artificial empathy in its users, causing things like heightened sex drive and increased sensitivity to sounds and lights. Those under the influence will likely be fond of touching themselves and others. Molly can last from four to six hours. When taken at festivals and raves, users often reuse to keep up the effects. In high doses, Molly can cause hallucinogenic delusions.

The most common harmful effect of Molly is hyperthermia (not hypothermia). This is a rapid increase of the body’s thermal temperature with the body being unable to regulate it. Hyperthermia comes in three stages. The first stage is heat cramps. The cramps usually begin with the large muscle groups and are caused by an imbalance in electrolytes. The second stage is heat exhaustion. In this stage, the body goes through a phase of shock. The large blood vessels are enlarged in effort to regulate the body’s temperature and get rid of the excess heat. The body also perspires profusely in this phase, which can cause dehydration. The person may also become dizzy and weak. In this phase, the body is doing everything it can to lower the thermal temperature. The third phase is heat stroke. With a death rate of 20 to 80 percent, this is the most dangerous phase. The heat mechanisms of the body have become overwhelmed in this phase and are shutting down. The body is overheated and loses its control to regulate temperature. Without proper care, permanent and potentially fatal brain damage will occur.

As this is the most common problem among Molly users, it is also the most well-known. Due to this, some have surmised that drinking water with Molly will curb the dangerous effects. While this will solve the problem of dehydration, this can be fatal in and of itself. Molly might cause the body to retain water, and an over hydration may result in an imbalance of electrolytes within the body. This can also be fatal to users.

Using Molly also effects judgment. The artificial empathy created by the drug may drive users into unsafe sexual encounters. These increase the risk of AIDS and other STDs as more than one partner might be obtained during these parties.

Seeking Help for Molly Users

Molly has addictive properties. The intense depression caused by Molly can cause an onslaught on harmful thoughts and feelings. This depression might not affect the user for three to four days and may cause the user to obtain more Molly to have the euphoric feelings once again. If you see someone who you suspect might be suffering from Molly use, contact help. Users seldom realize they have a problem. Narconon has over 40 years of helping people overcome a substance abuse problem. With a 70 percent success rate, it is one of the highest ranked rehabilitation centers in the field. Contact a counselor and get help today.


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