What I realized During Training Routines

happy girlThe following is a review of our Training Routine exercises that are simple drills designed to raise confront, control and communication. They are also called TR’s.

During my last few TR-O confronts I really thought about where I was going wrong and I finally realized that every time I tried treatment in the past, I was forced by the courts or by my family and I never realized my actions got me in this position.  I just thought about the quickest way to get out of the situation that I believed my family or the courts put me in.  What I really have realized is that I had to confront myself.  I had never confronted my.  Being a drug addict I had never dealt with the consequences I had brought on myself.  I now realize it is no one’s fault but my own.  This has been my biggest barrier.  I have also come to realize that no one else in the world controls my decisions but myself.  I honestly figured out that I am not only the problem, I am the solution to the problem as well. “I turned it on and I can turn it off.”  I haven’t felt this awesome in years!

-Chris B.

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