What I Got from Narconon Freedom Center Objectives

happy guyThe following is a review from a Narconon Freedom Center client on Objective Exercises. These are done during the life skills course called the Personal Values & Integrity Course. Objectives are exercises designed ton extrovert an individual and help him or her get into present time and their attention off of past drug use. They have been proven to be very effective according to many reviews, staff surveys and outcome studies on the effectiveness of the Narconon program.

Here is the review:

I had a lot of big wins in Objective 11. I had some of the biggest case gain I have had in my whole program. I blew course a few times, but I finally got patient and just did it and everything flattened out. I got over my fear of being scared to mess up after I graduate. I also realized that I need to be more patient and just let things happen and not rush everything.

I had a lot of my cogs from earlier Objectives. Also I realized that if I demonstrated all five C’s (Control, Confront, Communicate, Choice, Comfortable) in my situation then I can work through any situation.

In all my Objectives I’ve realized that I am in control of my actions and only “I” can control me. I need to leave the past in the past and live in the here and now. I realized that I need to respect women and not just use them for sex. I realize that trust is a very important part in my life. I need to win my family’s trust again.

I feel very comfortable with myself again and I see that I should never change who I am for anyone. Also, if I work hard I can have anything I want. I realize what havingness really is.

Overall Objectives have forever changed my life for the better. When I first started I didn’t understand how this could help me overcome my drug addiction, but now I truly have obtained the ability that I need to get my life started in the right direction. And be truly happy.

D.D. – Narconon Freedom Center Client

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