Treating Drug Abuse And Getting Results

Addiction and drug abuse treatment is available in many various settings providing an array of pharmacological and behavioral methods. There are more than 13,000 specialized addiction and drug abuse treatment facilities offering behavioral therapy, counseling, case management, medication and other kinds of assistance to people with substance abuse problems.

In addition to drug treatment facilities, there are other means of getting help for drug abuse and addiction by way of residential, outpatient and inpatient settings offering specified treatment procedures and therapeutic services available at any given setting.

Treatment can be given in doctors’ offices and mental health centers which may be provided by counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and social workers.

Help With Recovery Programs

Drug addiction is a complicated problem and may usually involve every avenue of an individual’s life such as family, school, work and even the community. Drug abuse and addiction treatment must usually include many factors because of addiction’s complicated and pervasive repercussions.

Some of these factors directly target the individual’s drug abuse while others focus on rebuilding the individual’s constructive place within the family and society, providing him or her with the ability to experience the benefits associated with sobriety.

A large quantity of drug treatment is funded by Federal, State and local governments because of the major public health problems that drug abuse and addiction poses.

Coverage for treatment of addiction and its medical aftermath may also be provided through private and employer-subsidized health plans. Sadly, managed care has ended up with shorter average stays and inadequate coverage for substance abuse treatment has reduced the number of serviceable programs. However the recent passage of parity involving the coverage of substance abuse and mental health problems will hopefully correct this situation.

What Types Of Treatment Are Available

As means of treatment and individual programs continue to change and evolve, many of the programs today do not fit precisely into traditional drug addiction treatment categorizations.  Detoxification is necessary to clear the body drugs and is usually accompanied by undesirable and sometimes fatal side effects. Unfortunately, detoxification by itself does not handle the entirety of addiction. There are still behavioral, social and psychological problems that must be addressed in order to produce a lasting recovery in an individual.

Although the process of detoxification is usually handled with medications that are given by a doctor in an inpatient or outpatient facility, there are other services that offer a drug-free alternative such as the ones given through Narconon reviews.

They take a different approach to treating drug abuse by supporting and enhancing the body’s ability to heal and release drug toxins stored within the body. Treatment begins by administering nutritional supplements to assist the body in activating its own natural ability to detoxify. Treatment continues with a specifically planned program, which includes nutritional supplements, daily exercise, time spent each day in a low-heat sauna, all closely supervised and reviewed.

This program has been proven to show permanent results in overcoming addiction without the use of medications, which could potentially become depended upon by the recovering addict, thus continuing the vicious cycle of addiction.

Narconon reviews of the treatment offered at the facility include:

1.    Drug Free Withdrawal

2.    Communication Courses

3.    A Sauna Detox Program

4.    Life Skills Therapy

This treatment has been proven to be successful with 7 out of 10 graduates staying clean and sober permanently. Narconon is also a drug free program that lasts an average of 4-6 months allowing one enough time away from drugs to get a real and lasting result from substance abuse.

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