Top Three Drugs Taken By Kids Ages 11 To 15

According to a report prepared by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, one in twenty 11 year olds have used some kind of drug and 30,000 of them have done so within the past year. This is pretty disturbing given the young age of these kids.

In addition, 25 percent of 11 to 15 year olds have been offered or tempted with drugs at some point and 1 out of 6 kids have given in to this temptation and used drugs. It is safe to assume that kids are experimenting with drugs at a younger age and it continues to get worse unless something is done to stop it. It is happening in America and all over the world.

Drug Use in England Hitting Record Highs

The drug use by kids in England continues to be a major problem, but is beginning to come down little by little. The Prime Minister credits Britain’s current drug use policy for this decline and says he is going to stick with it as a successful action rather than taking on a different, “softer” approach, such as the Portuguese system. He has been urged to try out this type of policy, but has turned it down.

This particular system hands out less harsh punishments in hopes that drug users will “learn their lesson” and aim for treatment instead.

Right now, reports have shown that approximately 28 percent of 11 to 15 year old students have been offered drugs at some point, in England. Out of this 28 percent, 5 percent of 11 year olds have actually used drugs. This works out to be approximately 29,950 kids, which is a lot.

Marijuana Is Not The Only Problem

According to information 13 years old is the average age that a child tries marijuana for the first time. It is usually the first drug that a child will try, next to alcohol and is also known as a gateway drug, which means it may lead to other drug use. Although marijuana is currently the most used drug of choice among kids there are some harder, more dangerous substances that they are experimenting with, such as mushrooms, cocaine and ecstasy. “Magic mushrooms” are a type of mushroom that can be eaten or steeped and drank as a tea.

These particular types of fungi contain psychotropic tryptamines, which cause distorted perceptions. Cocaine is a stimulant that is usually snorted and can cause dangerous cardiovascular effects. Ecstasy is a popular club drug that can be extremely dangerous as it affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature. Household chemicals have also been reported to be popular means of experimenting with getting high. Substances like glue, paint thinner and other hazardous chemicals have been sniffed or “huffed” by kids trying to get high. It has been proven that the use of drugs disrupts or even halts a child’s mental development, which could have serious detrimental effects on tomorrow’s society.

Narconon rehab center warns that parents should take the first steps to assure that kids don’t use drugs. Prevention should be done in the home as it is shown to make kids 40% less likely to use. In addition education should also be done in schools and during extra-curricular activities.

In addition if there is a problem get immediate help. Contact Narconon rehab center for more information.


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