Top 3 Benefits Of Narconon Sauna

Although there are many benefits of using the Narconon sauna as means of detoxifying the body, I have managed to narrow it down to the top three.

1.    All toxins are removed from the body.
2.    The individual feels brighter and more alert.
3.    Drug cravings are greatly reduced or are gone completely.

Drugs wreak havoc on the body and mind. An individual may not even realize how far gone he was until he has completed the Detoxification Program. When you use drugs, you would think that once the effects have worn off that the drug would then be out of your body. The truth is that drugs and toxins actually stay stored in the fatty tissues of the body and they can remain there through the entire lifetime.

Addiction Is A Vicious Cycle

The effects of these drugs and toxins can be felt, as they are re-released back into the bloodstream time after time. Nausea, headaches, dizziness, fogginess and confusion are just some of the negative effects that the stored drugs continue to cause. Many people who are experiencing these feelings may mistake them for anxiety, depression or physical illness. They may seek medical attention for these symptoms, but will never be rid of them until the drugs and toxins are completely removed. In doing this, the individual will feel much brighter and more alert than he had previously.

Possibly better than he had felt even prior to drug use, as a lifetime of environmental toxins has been flushed from his body as well.

Finally, and probably the most significant benefit is that the drug cravings are greatly reduced and in many cases, they subside completely. As long as drugs remain in the body, they will continue to produce cravings. Once they are gone, the cravings are gone. This is why it is so important to remove them completely from the body, ending the vicious cycle.

The Narconon Detox Program

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program follows a specific regimen in order to achieve such great results. A combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna make up the program. The use of the sauna involves a gradual increase from 10 to 15 minutes at a time up to 5 hours in the sauna at a time. There are great measures taken to assure that your body is replenished by drinking lots of water, using cold pressed oils to replace the bad fats with good fats, and by taking specific vitamins such as Cal-Mag and Niacin.

A healthy diet of nutrient rich foods and a specific exercise routine also play a major role in the program. There are many medical professionals who recommend this program to their patients. David Root, M.D., and Occupational Medicine Specialist, stated that he has been using this program in his office for nineteen years and it remains the best program by far. If you are experiencing drug abuse and wish to overcome it, contact your local Narconon facility to get started.


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