Three Things That Make Narconon Treatment Stand Out

As you begin your quest for the perfect treatment center, you may begin to realize that facilities may claim to offer many promising results to their specific programs. While so many of these programs may sound promising, this may leave you wondering which one would be best for you and your needs.

There are three main factors, which make the Narconon program stand out from all the rest. These factors include drastic reduction of drug cravings, a body free of built up drugs and toxins and finally, the life skills needed to succeed.

How Are Narconon Results Achieved

Drug cravings, more often than not, lead to relapse. Many individuals often experience relapses after they have worked so hard to complete their drug rehabilitation. Narconon stands apart from the rest in that they are able to decrease drug cravings so drastically that relapse is far from occurring. Despite what people may believe, drugs and toxins are actually stored in the body’s fatty tissues. So, even when a urine or blood test comes back negative for traces of drugs, they are still in your body, deposited away. These drugs can be re-released into the blood stream throughout a person’s life, causing cravings and other symptoms.

The New Life Detoxification Program is so successful because it actually allows these drugs and toxins to permanently leave the body. This is done through the use of a dry, low heat sauna and the supplementation of vital vitamins and healthy oils, which allow the body to release and excrete the built up deposits. This, in turn, leaves the individual with a drug free body, in which cravings have been drastically decreased if not completely absent.

Narconon Gives You The Skills To Succeed

As if leaving the center drug free and craving free wasn’t enough, Narconon wishes to provide each resident with the skills needed to succeed in their new life. These skills will help them to be able to learn more efficiently and thoroughly, as well as communicate at a higher level. These skills are achieved by completing The Learning Improvement Course and the Communication & Perception Course.

A third course, called The Ups & Downs in Life Course allows a person to identify characteristics of certain personality types so that he can choose positive individuals to surround himself with and in turn give him the stability and happiness that he needs to help him remain drug-free.

Another course, the Personal Values & Integrity Course restores integrity and honesty to the individual. The Changing Conditions in Life Course helps the individual improve conditions in his life and finally, The Way To Happiness Course is an uplifting course that teaches the individual a simple, but powerful moral code.

At the end of the Narconon program one will receive an extended program covering anything missed during treatment. Once this is also complete an individual can take addition steps through aftercare and remain free from drugs.

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