The Role Emergency Rooms are Playing in Addiction Interventions

In many cases, individuals who are addicted to drugs are aware that they have a problem. Contrary to what others may think based on the drug addict’s actions, the individual himself may even wish to be free from his drug problem. The difficulty lies in the fact that few drug addicts recognize the full extent of damaging effects caused by their drug use, and fewer still understand what needs to be done in order to resolve their addiction. This is why drug addiction interventions are so very important.

Addiction Interventions

Drug addiction is a very complex and dangerous condition that demands immediate attention to resolve. It can happen that family members who learn of a loved one’s addiction problems work through a series of rather difficult emotions, including disbelief, shock, anger, despair, and even false hope. They may decide that their loved one is just working through some sort of “phase,” and will be able to move out of it on their own, or they may decide that when their loved one finally hits “rock bottom” they will reach out for help. Unfortunately, waiting for a drug addict to come out of a “phase” or hit “rock bottom” is akin to playing with fire. Every day that the drug addict remains exposed to drug substances is another day that their life is in mortal danger. Therefore if they have not reached out to receive help for themselves, they need an addiction intervention where help is offered to them.

Interventions for drug addicts are designed to help the individual recognize the full truth of their condition, that their condition is not condoned or tolerated by others, that there are very real consequences for continuing to feed their addiction, and that help is available to them. The purpose of a drug intervention is not to force, guilt or goad the addict into rehabilitation treatment, but rather to bring them naturally to the conclusion that rehabilitation treatment is the best choice for them. Sometimes the individual will decide to move into rehabilitation treatment immediately after receiving an intervention, other times the individual will initially refuse to move into rehabilitation treatment and then change their mind later, and occasionally the individual just does not receive the full impact necessary from an intervention in order to make the best choice for their future. The bottom line is that when the drug addict recognizes an urgent need for treatment, he will usually reach for it. This is why drug interventions can be quite successful if held in the emergency room.

The Role of Emergency Rooms

When a drug addict receives care in an emergency room, it is safe to say that they have been hit with the shocking reality of just where their drug addiction can lead. It is therefore at this moment that a drug addict may best respond to an addiction intervention because it is normally at this moment that the individual finally decides that they want help for their addiction. Unfortunately, allowing them to walk away from this moment jeopardizes their willingness to seek recovery, because it allows drug cravings and withdrawals to set in. When the individual is hit hard with cravings and withdrawals, their resolve to seek treatment weakens and fades because they become focused on the idea of doing whatever is necessary to get relief from these physically distressing problems, including returning to drug use.

When a drug addict is ready for treatment, it is best to get them that treatment without any delay so that they have proper support when they do experience cravings and withdrawals. The window of opportunity provided to an addict when they are in the emergency room for drug-related problems is narrow but very workable. The fear of losing their life to drugs makes it easier for the individual to honestly look at the damaging effects caused by drug use and take action to regain control over their life, an opportunity that should not be wasted.

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