The New Trend That Involves Study

With pressure being applied to college students to achieve high GPA’s and get their degrees, some are beginning to turn to a certain type of drug to obtain an advantage. Similar to an athlete taking steroids, college students are using a popular study drug named Adderall to achieve a higher level of focus and productivity while studying.

According to a recent study done by a professor at the University of Kentucky, Adderall is more abused than marijuana and is easier to get, with 30% of the students at the university having used the drug illegally.

What Is The Problem With Study Drug Use

When one uses Adderall or other study drugs, it presents the same one that taking any drug presents itself.

Adderall is actually classified by the federal government as a Schedule II narcotic, drugs in this category have the highest abuse and dependence potential while still serving a medicinal purpose. The drug is a cocktail of various amphetamines, which is the same chemical component used in the street drug “speed”.

The drug was originally designed to treat people with ADHD, however when given to someone who doesn’t have anything wrong with them, increases focus, energy and can allow someone to stay awake for many hours without getting tired; hence the popularity with college students staying up all night trying to cram in a ton of information before a big a test.

The problem lies in the next day. With reported side effects ranging from fatigue, depression, insomnia to vision loss, involuntary muscle spasms, mental confusion, vomiting and over fifteen hours of unconsciousness. Adderall is a powerful drug, and although most college students who are taking the drug profess that they are doing it “only for a test” or to “pull an all-nighter”, the fact remains that the body and mind can build up a dependency to this drug and create a sort of addiction with the person.

With the prolonged use of it, someone can develop a tolerance of Adderall to a point where they may need to up the dosage and/or frequency of use in order to achieve the same effects each time. This can then go further to the point where someone is not just taking the drug for tests but now needs to use it in order to function at all – which at this point can be classified as an addiction.

The new wave drug of the 80’s and 90’s was the drug Ritalin. This drug supposedly kept a hyperactive child calm so that he could sit in a classroom and study. Teenagers in many of the eastern states caught on to the fact that all this drug was, in effect, was ‘speed’, a type of amphetamine. This led to an epidemic of teens buying the drug from other teens that were put on this prescription. Alarms went up all over the United States and the drug got a very bad name. An old trick is to put out a drug that has nearly the same effect and side effects under a different name with a slightly different chemical compound.

This drug is known as Adderall (basically the replacement for Ritalin). Sadly enough, it takes a while for these side effects to once again rear their head but by that time you have another epidemic of teens using another drug. Adderall is simply the new Ritalin for the 21st century and is widely being used by college students.

Solutions To The Epidemic Through Narconon Drug Addiction

There are ways to handle someone who is addicted to Adderall or another similar amphetamine; however it takes a different “wean-down” approach in order to safely get someone off of this type of drug.

Narconon drug addiction rehabilitation offers an effective approach to getting someone off of this type of drug and helping them get their life back on track.

If you know of someone who is having a problem with drugs, contact Narconon drug addiction today.


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