The Main Component of the Narconon Freedom Center Rehab

happyThe main component of the Narconon Freedom Center is its delivery of the Narconon drug rehabilitation treatment program, considered by those who are conversant with its actual short and long-term results to be the most successful drug and alcohol rehab program in the world.  The Narconon program has been helping addicts reclaim their lives since 1966, and is available to those in need in rehabilitation centers located across the globe.  It is this proven rehabilitation program that Narconon Freedom Center delivers to its clients.

More about Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is a residential rehabilitation facility located in Albion, Michigan, midway between Chicago and Detroit.  The center itself is an 80,000 square foot complex which houses living accommodations, dining rooms and classrooms for upwards of 110 students of the Narconon program, as well as offices and facilities for center staff.

Since 2002, Narconon Freedom Center has been successfully rehabilitating those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Its non-traditional holistic and drug-free approach to the rehabilitation of whole person is the key to helping addicts get sober, to learn how to maintain their sobriety, and to learn how to live a drug-free and productive life.

A Drug-Free Rehab Program

The Narconon program is unique in the field of drug rehabilitation treatment.  At the Freedom Center, it begins with individualized interviews to determine what drugs the person will be withdrawing from.  The initial interviews often provide needed insight and data as to why the person began using drugs, and the underlying life situations which caused the person to use drugs as a solution.

The addict is gotten safely through a Drug-Free Withdrawal without the use of substitute drugs, and with minimal discomfort.  Early on in the program, he or she will also be doing the New-Life Detoxification Program, a carefully supervised regimen of vitamins, supplements and exercise in combination with time spent sweating in a moderate-heat dry sauna to rid the body of drug residues and toxins.  Because it is the drug residues and toxins remaining in the body after taking drugs that are a source of the physical and mental cravings that drive a person to relapse, the New-Life Detoxification Program is vital to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Life Skills for a Drug-Free Life

An integral part of fully rehabilitating a person who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol is learning the life skills needed to deal with the challenges of life and living without resorting to drugs or alcohol as a solution.

Because an addict often missed out on his or her education as well as many of the life experiences from which a person ordinarily learn how to make his or her way in life, the Narconon Life Skills Courses are a comprehensive address to the skills vital to living a worthwhile and productive life.

The Life Skills Courses include the key subjects of communication skills and their improvement, study skills and how to study and learn, the restoration of personal values and integrity, the understanding of why a person commits transgressions, how it traps one in the cycle of drug abuse and what to do about it, understanding the conditions in life and how to change and improve them, and finishing with The Way to Happiness, A Commonsense Guide to Better Living.  These courses provide the real-world tools a person in recovery needs to be able to return to life, and remain a clean and sober contributing member of society.

A Wealth of Information

Narconon Freedom Center and its staff are fully aware of the need for factual and useful information in order to understand substance abuse and what can actually be done to truly rehabilitate a person who is trapped in the cycle of addiction  For a continuing source of helpful and reliable information on substance abuse and successful rehabilitation activities, please visit the center’s Linkedin site at

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