The Dangers of 2CE, the New Synthetic Drug

drugsParents around the country are already rightfully afraid of the many illegal drugs they know about. It seems like it’s almost every day that we hear news stories about meth or heroin causing overdoses and ruining lives. We have to keep our eyes on the dangers of these drugs so that our family members don’t fall prey to them, but there are also newer drugs that we need to watch out for.

Chemists around the world do a lot of good when they come up with new substances that can make the world a better place, but far too many are using their skills and knowledge for a much darker purpose. Many are creating “synthetic” drugs. These substances mimic the effects of already well-known drugs, but they are legal at first because they are brand new. The DEA can’t make something illegal until they have heard about it and know what it does, so drug creators are always a step ahead. They abuse the system and the goodwill our countries lawmakers by constantly putting new substances up for sell. They also misrepresent what they are selling, pretending that it is almost anything else but a new dangerous drug.

2C-E Makes its Entrance

A new synthetic drug called 2C-E is now appearing around the country. This drug is a psychedelic, meaning that it can give users hallucinations while it gets them high. It has been reported as having effects very similar to LSD. Users only have to ingest 10 to 20 mg for the drug to take effect, and this is an incredibly small amount. Drug creators, then, can make a lot of money off of selling very small amounts of the drug.

2C-E can be used in several ways, including by being swallowed or being snorted. Snorting of the drug is not as common, however, because it creates an incredibly painful sensation in the nasal cavity while it is taking effect. The drug generally takes twenty to ninety minutes to take effect, and after activating it will last for six to ten hours. This is longer than many drugs, which could add to the popularity it is gaining with many users.

Other effects that the drug can create include distorting sounds that the user hears and supposedly enhancing the experience of listening to music. Like LSD, it can also seem to enhance the visual effects of various media. Drug users often like to take drugs such as this before listening to music or watching TV shows or movies.

When users take even higher doses (over 25 mg), then can experience incredibly strong “trips” that include distorted, swirling colors and the appearance of strange hallucinations that mimic crawling vines and  moving patterns all around them. Even drug users that have used many other substances in their lives have reported 2C-E as being difficult to experience.

Why Parents Need to be on the Lookout

While adults may be able to look at the drug effects of 2C-E and recognize that they are simply not worth the trouble of taking a dangerous and largely un-researched substance, young people could be drawn to the idea of taking something that would cause such vivid hallucinations. Parents need to talk to their kids about these types of drugs and help them recognize that they are simply not safe to take.

Having a drug trip may seem like fun in theory, but the lifetime of substance abuse and misery that they can produce are never worth it in the long run. Help the young people in your life come to realize this.


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