The Dangerous Effects of Skittles Party Drugs

Regardless of what some individuals, and perhaps even doctors, may have you believe, all drug substances have the potential to be incredibly dangerous–even deadly. This includes not only illicit street drugs but also prescription drugs–which can sometimes be even more potent and addictive than illicit street drugs. Prescription painkillers, for example, are part of the opiate family of drug substances, causing marked effects on the individual’s brain and body and sometimes creating problems of tolerance, dependence, and addiction after even a single use.

Children, adolescents, and young adults often hear that “drugs are bad,” but without sufficient information about why this is, they often have a very difficult time accepting this as true. Unfortunately, prescription drugs are often viewed as perfectly safe to use and even abuse, maybe because they are FDA approved and doctor recommended for use in limited medical situations, and maybe because the individual usually knows someone who uses these drugs on a regular basis and whom they believe is perfectly fine and healthy despite this. This has led to a disturbing trend of ever-increasing prescription drug abuse, which has recently evolved to include what is being called Skittles Drug Parties.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Borrowing its name from the popular, colorful candy, a Skittles Drug Party is anything but innocent or harmless. It’s essentially an opportunity for individuals to mix together a vast array of different prescription medications and then quite literally play a dangerous game of Russian Roulette by popping these pills like they are candy. Needless to say, there’s no telling what the outcome of such a party will be, as the individuals who are popping pills like candy are usually unaware of what pills they are actually taking and what potential drug interactions they will experience as a result of mixing different pills. This means that a single dose of prescription pills at a Skittles Drug Party could well prove fatal for the individuals involved.

In some instances, overdoses that are caused by prescription pills are urgently addressed by seeking emergency medical treatment. However, part of successful treatment for prescription overdoses includes knowing what the individual has ingested, and therefore what is needed to reverse the drug’s effects. With a Skittles Drug Party, there is really no way to know exactly what pills an individual may have ingested, creating a deadly prescription drug cocktail that emergency medical technicians may be hard-pressed to resolve.

Solving the Problem

Skittles Drug Parties are more prevalent among teenagers, which means that parents have a responsibility to be alert to what is occurring. Unfortunately, the very name of these parties is designed to effectively trick parents into believing that they are nothing more than innocent, harmless celebrations with candy. The first step, then, in solving the problem of prescription drug abuse is to stay alert and ahead of the current trends, understanding that “trail mix” and “Skittles Drug Parties” are not nearly as innocent as they may seem. The next step is to ensure that one’s children understand exactly what prescription drugs are and what dangers they pose to the user. With enough factual information, teenagers can come to understand that these drugs are not at all safe to use or abuse and come with many of the same side effects as illicit drug substances. Finally, parents should ensure that any prescription medication they have in the home is properly secured in such a way that it’s completely inaccessible by others in the household and that any unused, expired or extra medication is properly and safely disposed of.

With proper attention, the dangers posed by prescription drugs can be effectively solved–by preventing them from occurring in the first place.

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