Teenage Drug Use Worsens Nationally

As revealed by an investigative report on China Central Television, the age that teens experiment with drugs for the first time has fallen from 16 years old two years ago to 14.5 years old. In America, the average age of marijuana use is 14 years old and 12 years old for alcohol and the abuse of prescription painkillers has been on the rise. A recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that there were 7 million users of “psychotherapeutics” in 2010. Also, out of the 36,450 overdose deaths in the United States, a shocking 20,044 of those were connected to prescription drugs. This is a figure higher than all other illicit drugs put together.

In addition, the number of prescriptions filled for opioid pain relievers, which are some of the most powerful drugs on the market, have recently increased markedly.

Why The Increase In Drug Use

Officials from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration reported that they continue to come across drugstores every year that illegally sell prescription cough medicine and painkillers. In America, a new breed of synthetic drugs has immerged into the scene. These “bath salts”, as they are commonly called, can be purchased legally at small independent stores such as smoke shops, gas stations and also online. In fact, the use of these synthetic drugs has become so popular recently that in 2009 there were no calls made to the United States Poison Control Centers having to do with “bath salts” as opposed to the 302 calls received in 2010. With the ease of purchasing these drugs it is no wonder why the use of them has increased.

Prescription drugs, particularly painkillers, are another drug that is being abused more and more. This is also most likely because of the availability of prescription drugs as well. After all, they can be found in most medicine cabinets in homes around the world and most abusers have admitted to getting prescription painkillers from a friend or relative, not necessarily a drug dealer. In addition, the abuse of these prescription drugs often leads to the use of harder drugs such as heroine. Surprisingly, heroin is much less expensive to by than prescription pain killers such as Percocet, Vicodin and Oxycontin and for an addict that relies on a large amount of these in order to stay high, heroine often becomes the new, cheaper drug of choice.

How Can We Turn This Statistic Around

There are many drug rehabilitation centers available around the world like the drug Narconon program to help people of all ages recover from drug addiction. But, perhaps it is best to stop the drug abuse before it even starts. This can be done through educating kids as well as adults and seniors about the many dangers of drug abuse. Just because your friend tried cocaine and he didn’t die or your grandmother takes this medication that’s prescribed by a doctor, doesn’t mean its safe to abuse.

By making smart choices and setting good examples we can surely make an impact on the worlds drug problem. It is also important for kids to know that just because a drug is legal [like alcohol] or prescribed like a pill does not mean that it is safe of non-addictive. These substances carry just as many side effects and as much potential for addiction as any other substances on the market.

Making sure a teen does not start “experimenting” with a drug like marijuana, synthetics, prescriptions or alcohol is helping them to not run the risk of becoming addicted later.

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