Teen Adderall Abuse Continues In Popularity

Adderall is a prescription psychotropic drug that is given to patients that have ADHD or ADD. It was basically the replacement to Ritalin once that drug became unpopular after some of its side effects started to rear their ugly head. Well, Adderall has now reached a similar stage and is now being abused throughout the country by teens in high schools and colleges.

Current Abuse Of Adderall

The illegal use of the drug is now widely used for a much different purpose than the treatment of ADHD. It is being used by teens to increase mental focus when studying in school for a big test in order to get a lot of information assimilated in this period of time.
With the constant pressure to get good grades and ace tests in schools throughout the country, teens are turning to this drug in order to obtain an edge.

The problem in this is dependency; the student is depending on this drug in order to do well with tests and other such things, however it is creating a false ability in the person and this is the basis for creating an addiction to a drug. The person needs the drug in order to achieve the same results when trying to achieve things in life. The focus and drive that the drug creates in the person is artificial and when they try to apply or achieve things when they are not on the drug they may not be unable to.

In addition to this there are the many other physical side effects that can occur to the person such as jitters, heart palpitations, headaches, restlessness, seizures and in some severe cases psychosis. The closest illegal street drug that you could compare Adderall to would be “speed”, as they both have a variety of amphetamines in their chemical make-up.

Are Adderall And Other Prescription Stimulants Over-Prescribed

According to the drug Narconon program, one of the more interesting aspects of this question is looking back at the popularity of Ritalin in the 90’s. This was the drug that was prescribed to young teens to treat ADHD and ADD. With the widespread distribution of this drug came with it an epidemic in terms of illicit use of the drug as well. It even ended up developing the street name “kiddie cocaine” due to the popularity of it as an illegal drug. Well the same thing has essentially happened with Adderall, with a specific emphasis on teens in high school and college using the drugs to help with studies and tests.

According to information provided by IMS Health, a health care information company, doctors are giving out more ADHD medication than ever before, with students between the ages of 10-19, it’s up 26 percent since 2007.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 6.5 percent of high school seniors have misused Adderall.

With the now widespread illicit use amongst teens throughout America, Adderall is now classified by the federal government as a Schedule II narcotic, which designates that the drug has the highest abuse and dependence potential while still serving a medicinal purpose.

In light of the above information, you can decide for yourself whether this drug and others of its kind are being over-prescribed to our teens throughout the country.

For those addicted there is a solution through the drug Narconon program. Contact us today for more information about this successful form of treatment.

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