Synthetic Drugs May Be More Dangerous Than Their Traditional Alternatives

They can be purchased legally at head shops, online and independently owned gas stations for as little as ten dollars. They are usually labeled as “bath salts” or “plant food” and have been responsible for numerous accounts of extremely violent behavior. They are known as synthetic drugs and are quickly taking the drug world by storm. The most popular of these drugs include “bath salts” and synthetic marijuana. They may resemble rocks or crystals and are usually smoked, snorted, swallowed or injected. They are also unable to be detected by drug tests or drug dogs, which is unfortunate. Many may believe that these drugs are safe because you are able to buy them legally, but this is only because of a clever marketing scheme.

Actually, these drugs are extremely dangerous and are illegal in forty-one states. Side effects may include anxiety, heart palpitations, seizures, hyperthermia, cardiac arrest, panic attacks, hallucinations and extreme paranoid delusions as well as violent behavior and even suicide. In addition, a loss of pain response and loss of judgment poses serious problems that have resulted in users being severely injured or even dying from incidents such as shooting themselves or running into traffic. Synthetic marijuana can be especially deceiving because users think that it is similar, if not the same, to traditional marijuana and will give them the same feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

Actually, synthetic marijuana is nothing like traditional marijuana. In fact, the high is more comparable to that of LSD or cocaine in that it has a stimulant effect. It also has a higher overdose potential than traditional marijuana.

Synthetic Drug Use On The Rise

In 2009, there were no calls made to the United States Poison Control Centers having to do with “bath salts” as opposed to the 302 calls received in 2010. Those numbers have jumped up markedly to 2,237 calls in 2012, between the months of January and May alone. On December 21, 2010, the American Association of Poison Control Centers issued the first advisory concerning synthetic drug abuse after over 156 “bath salt” affiliated calls had been received. There is also an increased risk of overdose from taking these drugs along with other substances such as prescriptions, alcohol or various other illicit drugs because of the many unknown chemicals in the synthetic drugs that may react with these other substances.

Since synthetic drugs are so new there is little research that has been done on the effects, long term and short term, which they have on the body. It has been observed that they are highly addictive, especially the “bath salt” variety.  In fact, a study was recently done using mice showing the effects of “bath salts” as compared to cocaine. The results were clear: “bath salts” are just as addictive as cocaine, if not more. Teens need to be aware of this new type of drug, as many of their peers may not even know about them. Synthetic drugs could be floating around your child’s school, so make them aware today.

Narconon Drug Help And The Synthetic Problem

There is no denying that synthetic drugs have caused major problems in the country and started a nationwide trend that is getting attention on enforcement, education and rehabilitation ends.

Narconon drug help recommends that those addicted seek immediate help through long term treatment that is residential and drug free. Youth should receive drug education and prevention with their parents as well as through their schools and other social groups.

For more information on the synthetic drug problem contact Narconon drug help today.


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