Synthetic Drugs Are The Newest Drug Threat To The Education System

News reports from across the country have indicated that synthetic drug use outweighs meth and heroin in some towns. But, the place that synthetic abuse is hitting the hardest is within our education system, in middle schools, high schools and even at the college level. Recent news articles indicate that in the state of Pennsylvania as well as across the northern United States in areas like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and even Indiana synthetic drug use has taken over and is often more of a problem that illicit use amongst teens and young adults.

The problem has gotten so bad that school and community groups are holding forums to handle this issue that has been described as very problematic. The reasons why youth are taking these drugs are simple. The primary reason is because of false information assumed by many youth that these drugs are not dangerous or addictive. The second reason is something that can be completely prevented. It is the fact that these drugs are incredibly easy for young people to get.

What Synthetics Are Being Abused

There are several categories of synthetic drugs that are being abused in lower schools and colleges across the country.
According to reports on Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs by the National Institute on Drug Abuse the most commonly abused drugs by teens include the following:

•    Marijuana
•    Synthetic Marijuana
•    Vicoden
•    Adderall
•    Salvia
•    Tranquilizers
•    Cough Medicine
•    MDMA (Ecstasy)
•    Hallucinogens
•    Oxy Contin
•    Sedatives
•    Inhalants
•    Cocaine
•    Ritalin

Of the total number of drugs abused at 14, there were only 4 drugs that are not in the category of synthetics that are being abused by youth.

Problems With Synthetics

The primary synthetic drugs of abuse are the same, if not more dangerous than illicit substances. Synthetic marijuana also called K2 or Spice has sent many teens to the ER causing panic attacks, convulsions, lung damage, seizures, and severe mood swings.

Prescription painkillers are some of the most deadly drugs on the market and are being named as the primary reason why the death rate due to poisonings has risen higher than the number of traffic fatalities in the country.

Bath salts are another widely abused synthetic that is similar to methamphetamine and causes hallucinations, seizures and delusions. MDMA or Ecstasy is said to cause similar effects on users.

The list of problems caused by synthetics could go on and on but teens still chose to abuse them. One must ask, why?

Why Synthetic Abuse Outweighs Meth And Heroin In Some Towns

There are some very clear and evident reasons why a teen would start abusing a synthetic drug. It is because these drugs are very available to teens and very easy to get in the school system.

Every year the number of kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder increased sending millions into doctors’ offices for prescriptions of Ritalin and Adderall; two of the most widely abused prescription stimulants.

A family member or friend forgets to finish his or her prescription to painkillers after an injury and they are taken and abused by a teen directly out of a home medicine cabinet.

There is also the scenario of the family member or friend who offer a young person a prescription pills because they have a “headache” or “trouble sleeping.” Although it seems innocent enough giving away that one pill can be the primary cause of an addiction.

Now What

Narconon drug addiction treatment programs, a primary provider of synthetic drug treatment has seen the devastation that these drugs have caused those who have come in contact with them. The organization suggests long term rehabilitation for those addicted and stricter prescription control and prevention measures.

Programs like NA are usually needed after an addiction begins but Narconon drug addiction treatment programs suggest that kids should be educated on the dangers of these drugs so they don’t get involved in the first place.

For more information on the synthetic drug problem or to get help for a loved one contact Narconon drug addiction today.

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