Synthetic Drug Use Skyrocketing Officials Say

Although there have been many efforts against the buying and selling of synthetic drugs, it remains clear that they are still around and being used. In fact, 20 to 30 percent of all drugs seized and tested at the Johnson County Crime Lab in Kansas City, MO are synthetic.

In July President Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Act of 2012, but by outlawing the five chemicals consistently found in these drugs, yet the manufacturers continue to create new formulas, often only one molecule apart from the illegal formula as they have in the past, which enables them to cheat the system. This will most likely continue until all 63 ingredients typically used are banned.

The Dangers Of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs may be more dangerous than traditional drugs because you can’t be sure of what is actually in them. People may think that these drugs are safe because you are able to buy them legally, but they are really playing Russian roulette with their lives. The fact is that these drugs are very dangerous. Side effects may include anxiety, heart palpitations, seizures, hyperthermia, cardiac arrest, panic attacks, hallucinations and extreme paranoid delusions as well as violent behavior and even suicide. In addition, a loss of pain response and loss of judgment poses serious problems that have resulted deadly injuries.

Synthetic marijuana can be especially deceiving because users think that it is similar, if not the same, to traditional marijuana and will give them the same feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Actually, synthetic marijuana is nothing like traditional marijuana. In fact, the high is more comparable to that of LSD or cocaine in that it has a stimulant effect. It also has a higher overdose potential than traditional marijuana. There is also an increased risk of overdose from taking these drugs along with other substances such as prescriptions, alcohol or various other illicit drugs. This is because of the many unknown chemicals in the synthetic drugs that may react with these substances.

Stopping Synthetic And Designer Drug Abuse

Since designer drugs are so new there is little research that has been done on the effects, long term and short term, which they have on the body. It has been observed that they are highly addictive, especially “bath salts”.  In fact, a study was recently done using mice showing the effects of “bath salts” as compared to cocaine. The results showed that “bath salts” are just as addictive as cocaine, if not more. Just like with any drug, the best means of prevention is to talk to your kids about them. They may not know about synthetic drugs yet and if someone comes to them offering drugs that look like candy, they’ll hopefully think twice.

Since these drugs are typically geared towards children and teens, they pose an even greater risk of using them. In the meantime, communities like Kansas City are cracking down hard on those who sell these drugs, and they can expect harsher punishments.

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