Synthetic Drug Use Continues To Wreak Havoc

The use of synthetic drugs continues to climb higher and higher. News reports in Europe are saying that synthetic drug use is at an all-time high. The amount of these drugs purchased online continues to increase as well. One smoke shop owner here in the United

States who used to sell “Spice” claimed that he gets one or two people a week asking for the stuff. Fortunately, officials warned him to stop selling it. On the other hand, some people have never heard of these new synthetic drugs. This is unfortunate because parents need to know about them so that they can inform their kids.

Many of these synthetic drugs are packaged in bright colors and appear to be candy. They are definitely marketed towards children, which is very scary. Synthetic drugs have led people to do crazy and unthinkable things, particularly bath salts. For example, an incident that took place in Florida, known as “the Miami zombie attack” gained national attention. This 31-year-old man was running around naked and attacked a homeless man. He bit him all over the face, leaving the man blind. Other users of the drug have gone into fits of rage and violence or simply lost any sense of judgment. These are terrifying acts that one wouldn’t normally do if not under the influence.

Synthetic marijuana is quite popular among these “designer” drugs. Actually, it is nothing like traditional marijuana, but has an affect more like that of LSD or cocaine. It has a greater chance of overdose, especially when mixed with other substances such as alcohol or other drugs. It is also unknown how these drugs will react when mixed synthetic marijuana. Synthetic drugs do not yet show up on drug screenings or tests, so their use may go unnoticed.

3 Reasons Why Synthetic Drug Use is Increasing

No one is quite sure why the use of synthetic drugs has become so popular, but one can speculate that it could be because:

•    They are something new and different that many have not heard of before and so they think they are safe and non-addictive.
•    They can be purchased legally at gas stations, convenience stores and drug paraphernalia shops.
•    They are inexpensive in comparison to other illicit substances like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine or heroin.
With this said, these drugs may be enticing to young kids who want to experiment.

What Can Be Done To Stop The Use Of Synthetics

There have been several steps taken against this synthetic drug epidemic. This past July, President Obama signed a bill called the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012. This bill banned the 15 chemicals continually found in synthetic drugs.
Unfortunately, drug makers found a way around this law and came up with new chemicals to use. Really, there could be an estimated 63 chemicals that are used to make these drugs so a ban on these substances may be in order.

Many privately owned gas station and head shop owners have been asked by officials to stop selling synthetic drugs which are now illegal in most, if not all states.

Until the law can take further action, it is up to adults –teachers, parents, mentors, etc., to educated children about synthetic drugs and how to spot them. They should know what they may look like, what they are commonly named and the dangerous effects they can have on a person who uses them. And, if a problem exists they should help to get the user immediate and professional help through a rehabilitation program.

The Narconon program specializes in handling synthetic drug use and seven out of ten graduates stay off drugs permanently. Contact us now for more information on synthetics.


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