Success of Narconon Program Shown with New Online Reviews Through Facebook

facebookIt seems it is a fact of human nature that people place substantial credibility in feedback from other people.  In days gone by, information was shared over the backyard fence with neighbors, and reputations were made or tarnished.  That friendly fact-to-face recommendations and advices and business deals cemented with nothing more than an honest handshake seem to be a cherished token of days gone by.  We are now in an age of lightning-fast exchanges of information, inundated with barrages of glossy Madison Avenue types of advertising promising a plethora of benefits, yet our need for real and personal feedback from our fellows still remains.

Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth has long been regarded as one if not the most valuable forms of recommendations.  It is based on the credibility of person-to-person communication acting as a personal recommendation.  With the advent of the internet and other electronic means of communication, we now have eWoM (electronic word-of-mouth), referring to a statement or statements made by a consumer and shared via the internet, whether social networks, news feeds, instant messages or websites.

In our highly virtual world and one where more than 1.9 billion people worldwide are active daily Facebook users (October, 2013), it seems just as important to people as it always has been to be able to get personal recommendations from their peers and others whose opinions they value.

Based on information posted to a popular review site (Yelp), 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.  Another point of interest presented was the fact that 93% of people who do research on business review sites online typically buy from those businesses they find on those sites.  Interestingly enough, people place the most consumer research value on text reviews, the category to which online reviews belong.

With the basics of online reviews and their purpose fresh in mind, let’s take a look at a recently launched Facebook page of online reviews of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program and its success in helping those struggling with substance abuse to reclaim their lives from addiction.

Online Reviews of the Narconon Program

Launched in early December of 2013, the Narconon Freedom Center Reviews Facebook page is a professionally designed and graphically pleasing presentation of nearly two dozen online reviews of the individual components of the Narconon drug rehab program as well as reviews of the staff and facility of the rehab center.  Included are reviews by a former addict now one year clean and doing well living her new drug-free life, as well as a father who tells the story of how his daughter reclaimed her life through the Narconon program.

Each online review is a personal sharing of hope as well as the sharing of a journey to restoration of self and a life without drugs.  For those who are searching for a holistic and drug-free approach to rehabilitation and who need a better understanding of how the Narconon program achieves its proven results in restoring addicts to a drug-free and productive life, then a visit and a read through these online reviews is an absolute must.

Although word-of-mouth as well as electronic word-of-mouth (eWoM) is important to any person seeking reputable and credible products and services, the stakes are much higher when it comes to choosing a drug rehabilitation treatment program and the philosophy on which it is based.  There may be only once chance for effective rehabilitation of an addict, and the threat of the consequences of the addiction lifestyle always loom large and ever-present.  The online reviews of those who have made it, the addicts who have successfully achieved and maintained sobriety and are alive and here to tell others about it, are by far the very best word-of-mouth one could ever hope to find in searching for workable drug rehabilitation treatment.

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