Substance Abuse In Seniors Expected To Rise Showing No One Is Immune To Addiction

When you think of a drug addict what do you think of? What race is the person and what is their economic status? What is their job and where is their place of employment? It would surprise you to really look at this and find the answer.

The truth is that drug addiction affects all different types of people from all walks of life. Whether someone is the president of a large corporation, a construction worker or a stay at home mother they are all at risk of developing an addiction. And, with the growing numbers of those becoming addicted daily and the 23.5 million people with substance abuse issues familial relation is starting to have less and less to do with the problem.

Right now there is a new emerging trend that is surprising the many with pre-meditated ideas of who is at risk of becoming a drug addict. It is substance abuse in seniors which has become a problem over the last five years and is expected to double over the next 10. The average ages affected by this are both males and females over the age of 48.

WhyIs Addiction In Seniors Increasing

There are two substances contributing to the growing number of seniors who end up with drug or alcohol addiction issues. These include:

1.    Prescription Drugs

2.    Alcohol

Right now prescription drugs are used non-medically by 7 million people in the United States. The largest percentages are using prescription painkillers like Oxy Contin, Vicoden and oxycodone. Following this is the abuse of prescription stimulant drugs like Adderall or Ritalin and then tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

Many older adults are getting these drugs through legal prescriptions for a problem, illness or injury and then becoming hooked. There are also those who are given the drugs by friends or family members after complaining of a mental or physical problem. They then start abusing the medications and become addicted.

Secondarily, alcohol is a major contributor to addiction in the older population. Right now more than 50% of the country engages in alcohol use and there are nearly 13 million people suffering with alcoholism.  Some older adults have been drinking since they were teens. Others decide to start drinking because of a problem they have later in life. Upon being surveyed most older adults feel that their major problems are concerns with the economy, financial and retirement issues and safety issues. Some think that the use or alcohol temporarily relieves these problems. It also puts them at a major risk for developing an alcohol addiction.

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Of Older Adults

Narconon drug rehabilitation, a residential treatment program has seen a clear increase in the number of older adults who enroll in treatment for the problems mentioned above. Unlike younger clients, older adults often have a feeling of disbelief and think that addiction could never happen to them. Many are confused about how they fell so quickly into the trap; especially those with no former history of abuse.

Some will even wait to get help because they feel embarrassed or ashamed that they have become addicted in the first place.

The truth is that addiction is older adults has become more and more common affecting millions ever year. Adults have to be aware of the substances they are taking and their addictive potential. In addition to this they have to seek immediate help if the use becomes a problem. Programs like NA as well as Narconon drug rehabilitation exist to help people with these issues and do not judge anyone who has fallen into the trap of addiction.

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