Studies and Research Continue to Prove Damage from Marijuana Use

marijuanaIf you follow the news at all, in the past few years you have heard about the spread of marijuana. This once-illegal drug has rapidly been gaining legal status in state after state. At first, advocates of the drug used the trick of legalizing it for “medical” purposes. This ignored the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has found no medical benefit to the drug.

States that legalized medical marijuana also made it incredibly easy to get a prescription for the drug. All you needed to do was go into a doctor’s office and tell the doctor that you had anything from headaches to cramps, and you could easily get a scrip to go start buying weed. At Venice Beach in California, young men and women in green lab coats advertise easily available prescriptions to everyone that passes by. It’s an open secret that the vast majority of medical marijuana buyers are not trying to use the drug to treat any sort of actual ailment. They simply want to get high, and state legislatures are making it easy for them to do so.

Studies Show the Harm that Marijuana Causes

The problem with legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is that several studies have shown that the drug is harmful to the human body. A Harvard study showed that every marijuana smoker in the experiment had brain abnormalities, where every non-smoker had none. Even though the  study clearly shows that marijuana is having an effect on the brains of smokers, marijuana apologists have dismissed it and said that it proves nothing.

Another study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania strongly suggested that marijuana use causes impaired sleep quality. While this is a minor risk compared to actual brand deformities, it’s one recent study that shows how this drug hurts more than it helps.

Earlier studies have also shown that marijuana can contribute to lung disease and cancer. After all, taking any sort of burning smoke into your lungs isn’t good for you. Why would marijuana be any different?

Recreational Use

Now the marijuana landscape is changing again. Before there was the excuse that marijuana was just for medical use, but now two states (Colorado and Washington) have legalized it for recreational use, too. These states are using the argument that it is already a widely used illegal drug, so why not make it legal and tax it to make the state some money?

This is a terrible idea. Granted, Prohibition didn’t work when the US tried to make alcohol illegal, but that was because the drink was already legal for years beforehand. Marijuana is illegal right now in most states, so most Americans don’t use it. Don’t believe what some drug users are trying to convince everyone of: the truth is that most people don’t use drugs. That could all change if marijuana becomes legal for recreational use everywhere.

Once it is legalized, everyone that is 21 or older will be able to walk into any pot shop and buy some. Millions of American adults might do so “just to try it.” We’re going to see many more people getting hooked on this drug (yes, it is addictive) and we’ll see health problems skyrocket across the country.

We need to pay attention to the studies being released by Harvard University and others. Listen to the experts that are warning us of the dangers of this drug. If we don’t stop the legalization tide now, one day it will be too late. A new Prohibition won’t work once marijuana is legal across the land.


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