Starting Recovery With Rehabilitation Of Morals

Drug addiction and moral decay go hand-in-hand. It can be seen in areas where drugs are rampant–robberies, assault and prostitution are more common; neighborhoods do not feel as safe; and divorce occurs frequently as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. As one loses his dignity under the burden of drugs, a sense of right and wrong becomes futile and eventually nonexistent. The moral code becomes mere anarchy, fueled by a dog-eat-dog mentality and a desire to curb the awful feeling of withdrawal if one does not get his next fix.

However, one way to start an addict on the road to recovery and reverse the social decline caused by drugs is to rehabilitate a sense of morals and return to him his self-respect.

Morals And Drugs The Narconon Way

Morality is synonymous with “goodness” or “rightness”. It is the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and act accordingly.

A moral code is a specific set of rules that act as behavioral guidelines. An example of a moral code point would be “Do not murder,” and “Do not steal.”

In most cases, moral codes are instinctively understood by members of a society, because they are typically based on common sense–namely, they work. It is obvious to most that going around shooting people would not be right. However, that’s a whole different story when it comes to drugs.

Drugs release inhibitions and produce a feeling of invincibility. They also shut down awareness, sometimes to the point where users have no recollection of what they did while under the influence. So any innate sense of goodness may be completely useless when the user is under the influence of drugs.

Additionally, at Narconon, many addicts learn that drug addiction drives people to unthinkable behavior. Users will take any measures necessary to get their next fix. Withdrawal hurts, and when you’ve used every resource and your bank account is empty, it’s difficult to shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well.” Addicts steal, swindle, sell their bodies and smuggle drugs in order to feed their addictions.

Replacing Immorality With Understanding

While morals do follow common sense, it is not always that easy, especially if you were raised in a lifestyle of poverty, drugs and desperation. In that case, the moral code is simply “Do what you need to do to survive.” A surprising number of children grow up without every being taught things like, “treat others as you’d like to be treated,” or “fulfill your obligations.” Yet the application of these basic points is what would enable them to rise out of their lot into a life of prosperity.

Educating criminals, addicts and our future generation in a basic, common-sense moral code is what will allow them to turn their lives around, make better choices, and rise up out of the mire.

Cleaning Up the Past

In addition to laying down a foundation of morals, criminals and addicts also find it necessary to clean up any past transgressions. It is through responsibility and confront that they can truly find relief and move forward with a clean heart. Narconon focuses on these goals as well as ‘rehabilitating’ morals and allowing former drug users to adopt a new moral code.

With this rehabilitation things begin to look up, the world becomes brighter and patients are better able to face those things around them.

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