Should Celebs Have to Do Drug Rehab Advocacy After Treatment

Celebrities play a big role in our society. They are watched, admired and often mimicked. Because of their talents, if they do something well, celebrities can be worshipped by fans. On the other hand if a celeb is doing something wrong they can act as an example even causing “fans” to make bad decisions.

One of those decisions is one regarding viewpoints on substance abuse and addiction. Examples could be Madonna mentioning a new synthetic drug ‘Molly’ having new users flock to it. Or, Lady Gaga glorifying drug use on stage, while knowingly or unknowingly setting up her fans for a life of use.

Over the last few years our Narconon center has witnessed that celebrities and rehab have often gone hand in hand. Living amongst Hollywood is often one can involve things like sex, drugs and the ‘Rock & Roll’ lifestyle and can have less than desirable outcome for these people.

Many celebrities have had their turn in rehabs. And while many of them have made it known publicly others have decided to go the more silent route. Keeping their problems to themselves and making little known to the public eye.

Should Someone Admit they Have an Addiction

Many people feel that if celebs would stand up more and admit that when you do have a problem, seeking treatment is the right decision then it would encourage more regular every day Americans to do the same.

Many celebrities have chosen to admit when they have gone down the wrong road and not only admit it to their friends and family but also the rest of the world. Sometimes this has worked against their careers and other times it has only helped to strengthen them. Some people feel that it’s an admirable quality to be able to stand up and admit that you were wrong and tell the world that you have gone on to try to make it right. This viewpoint makes the celebrities even more popular once they have faced their stint in rehab and come out to face the world.

Another problem that people, including celebrities face is that being convicted of drug charges can often send a person not to a rehab facility but to a jail cell. Not being given the chance to go to rehab these people can suffer greatly in that they don’t ever get the proper treatment that they need in order to get off of the drugs. It’s being considered now that perhaps this is not the best option for people nor the best option for out society and many people are speaking out on this topic, celebrities included.

A Chance to Get Your Life Back

Offering people the chance to change their life and get themselves off of drugs and back to a normal and productive lifestyle is always the best option. But in the case of celebs is rehab enough? Should they have to clean up a mess that they made or a bad example that they set? Considering that using the drugs was a lifestyle choice in the first place, it has been a difficult debate.

Some would argue that a little drug prevention advocacy in the guise community service never hurt anyone. If comfortable, sharing one’s story as a valid warning to impressionable fans could also be beneficial. And according to a Psych Central article even actor Matthew Perry has been doing this, even receiving an award for his efforts in drug prevention advocacy.

At Narconon we have found many ways that a person can give back, whether they’re a celebrity or not. These include:

  1. Participating in drug prevention talks at schools, communities or church groups.
  2. Helping by doing community service or cleaning up an area.
  3. Promoting a charity; often a drug prevention charity can be the best if one has a history with this type of problem.

One of the most important aspects of recovery is exchanging and giving back to the community or youth. It sets a good example and generally gives one a sense of happiness and wellbeing. For more information on recovery, or this topic go to our main site at


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