Sex And Drugs And Rock and Roll Linked by Researchers

Aside from being an iconic rock song, is there something more to the connection between these activities and behaviors? Sex and drugs and rock and roll linked by researchers in a recent study apparently shows a confirmed relationship between loud music, drug use and inconsistent sexual practices.

Prevalence Of Risky Behavior Among Teens

Teen immorality and risky behaviors obviously go hand in hand with drug abuse and drinking, but according to the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, young people who listen to loud rock music in their headphones (with iPods or other music players) are more commonly found to have used/be using marijuana on a regular basis. Additionally, according to findings, young adults attending parties, clubs, shows and bars with rock concerts are two times more likely to engage in promiscuous sexual activity or inconsistent condom use. These same young adults are also six times more likely to excessively binge drink.

Drinking introduces a whole other set of potential hazards to teen recreation. Underage drinking is attributed to over 5,000 deaths each year in the US from suicides, homicides and car accidents. The likelihood of drinking-related harm is of course much higher among kids under 21, of course, when binge drinking is involved.

Binge drinking is defined as having five or more drinks in one time period (a party or a show). Teens who attend parties and get drunk are seen to engage in risky behaviors like vandalism, unprotected sex, fights and drinking and driving much more frequently than teens who practice abstinence from or moderation with alcohol. Unfortunately, about 65% of high school seniors frequently binge drink. This means that a majority of our kids that graduate from high school are using drugs or engaging in other dangerous behaviors.

Is Rock Music To Blame

From all we have seen, including the recent studies on the matter—is rock music to blame? With sex and drugs and rock and roll linked by researchers, it may be harder for parents to see beyond this. As a result, many parents and activists cite rock music as the number one negative influence on our youth, next to movies, the Internet, magazines, etc.

You can hardly blame something as dominant in our society as music for the downward spiral of our societal morals. Rock music was controversial when it first started out, and yet it remains so. Sure, artists may be singing about different things than 50-60 years ago. But artists and all people tend to discuss, perform and write about what they’ve been culturally and educationally conditioned to think or act. Educationally over the past 50-60 years, we as a nation have failed.
Prevention Of Adolescent Injury And Death Due To Substance Abuse

Our youth today hardly get a proper education in substance abuse and alcohol, not to mention a complete education in all regular school subjects. As a result, our youth start their lives with no information as to why alcohol and drugs would be dangerous, how to lead a successful life, etc.

Preventing kids from listening to music—this cannot be controlled. Providing an educational foundation with which young adults can think for themselves: a surefire preventative measure.

For those already addicted, the only solution lies in treatment. Programs like Narconon Objectives are some of the most effective means of rehab available. These exercises seek to move those using drugs into present time and out of their drug using past. As drugs can stick the attention, Narconon Objectives works to un-stick this. The process is very successful.

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