RX Abuse Proves To Be Local Issue Too

Local issue or national epidemic? Drugs have taken over the world and it’s been estimated that the abuse of prescription drugs has caused more deaths than car crashes. This is the case in California as well as all over the United States.

It’s estimated that 16 million Americans abuse prescription drugs, according to a report done in 2009. And all one has to do is take a look in any medicine cabinet and you’ll quickly see the ease in which they are readily available to abuse. In fact 13 percent of prescription drug abusers are seniors. Seniors make up a large portion of our outpatients, about one-third. Also, they’re more likely to be prescribed multiple and long-term prescriptions.

Often, when a senior’s long-term prescription has expired all that is needed to extend it is a quick call to their doctor’s office to inform them that they still need the prescription, making it very easy for them to continue the abuse of prescription drugs. This may also lead to being an easy target for a younger relative to stock up on these drugs for themselves. For example, a teen makes a stop at their grandparent’s house, uses the restroom and discovers the large amount of prescription drugs in the cabinet. Let’s say there’s nine bottles, with an average of 35 pills in each. That could be up to 315 pills in one location.

Most likely the grandparents aren’t going to do a pill count once a week, making it a basically a free pill dispenser. How are grandparents, with no intention of being prescription drug distributors, going to notice if five or six pills are missing every once in a while? Maybe the medicine cabinet isn’t the safest place for medicine, which leads to the next problem of prescription drug abuse.

And what’s worse is that the issue is in cities, small towns, within families and infesting our communities across the country.

RX Abuse Affects Everyone – How to Stop it
Shockingly, teens often receive their prescription drugs illegally from friends and family members that have a prescription for them, because either they no longer take them or never took them in the first place. Unfortunately, some people don’t want to see them go to waste. It’s not uncommon for a teen to be prescribed Oxycontin, Ritalin or Vicodin, decide not to take it and give it to a willing friend.

What these teen are either not aware of or don’t care to confront, is the fact that these painkillers and stimulants are highly addictive and can create a long-term physical dependence in the abuser. Many studies have shown that Americans informed of the risks of abusing not only prescription drugs, but all drugs, have a much lower chance of taking them, proving that education is the key to fighting this war.

Perhaps the reason most people take prescription drugs is because they’re uneducated in the risks of abusing them and feel they are safe because they’ve come from a trusted doctor. Your local county should have a prescription drug disposal program, please make the decision to be part of the solution and deliver all of your unused and expired prescription drugs to your local disposal program.

If you need more information on prescription abuse or want to know how to help someone in need contact Narconon centers now. Narconon provides effective rehabilitation where seven out of ten graduates stay permanently drug free after completion of treatment.

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