Prescription Drug Abuse Continues To Increase With Adolescents

Prescription drugs are becoming more and more popular among teens today. Many kids aren’t even aware of the dangers of abusing these types of drugs. Among the most popular are the opiates, or painkillers as they are better known as. These painkillers work by fastening to receptors in the brain to reduce the perception of pain and in turn create a feeling of euphoria and the “high” that many are looking to achieve.

These particular types of drugs can cause physical dependence and my lead to addiction in some people. Someone who is abusing prescription painkillers may take a larger dosage in order to achieve a more euphoric effect and lessen withdrawal symptoms. They are fairly easy to obtain and can be found in most medicine cabinets in America. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals that over 70 percent of people that were abusing prescription pain relievers had gotten them from friends or relatives as oppose to the 5 percent who got them from a drug dealer or over the Internet. In addition, studies have shown that addiction to these types of prescription drugs may lead to the use of heroine.

This happens when the prescription painkillers become too expensive to keep up with the habit. Surprisingly, heroine is cheaper and creates a similar effect.

The Key To Stopping Prescription Abuse

People in general are more likely to experiment with drugs if they are bored or have nothing else of importance to be involved with. With this said, make sure your kids have access to plenty of extra curricular activities to keep them busy and motivated. Hobbies such as playing a musical instrument, dancing and playing sports are all great ways to keep your child’s attention away from using drugs. In addition to this, educate your kids about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs as well as how and when they are okay to take.

Education has proven to be the best means of prevention, whether it’s through school programs or at home. After all, parents are the ultimate role models. For those who are having trouble with addiction, there are many drug treatment facilities available. In fact, there are more than 13,000 specialized addiction and drug abuse treatment facilities offering behavioral therapy, counseling, case management, medication and other kinds of assistance to people with substance abuse problems. By taking these measures, we are sure to see a drop in the number of teens abusing prescription drugs.

Know The Signs

If you are concerned that your child or someone you love may be abusing prescription drugs, keep an eye on them and pay attention for any of the following warning signs:

•    Changes in mood or personality
•    Changes in energy level
•    Changes in sleep habits
•    A loss of appetite
•    A sudden change in grades
•    Change of friends
•    Small eye pupils

If you notice any of these symptoms in your child, get help right away. To learn more about the Narconon program contact us today.


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