Painkiller Sales Soar Around US, Fuel Addiction

More than 7 million people just don’t get addicted to painkillers unless they are made available through legal prescriptions. News all over the country indicates that over the last 10 years painkiller sales have soared around U.S., fueling addiction and causing many with no previous drug histories to become hooked without any explanation. According to the National Institute of Health the sales of prescriptions, painkillers alone, went up 90% over an 8 year period. Right now
In response to this, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is doing a study on those enrolling in treatment for these drugs. The most highly abused painkillers include opiate drugs like Oxy Contin, Vicoden, hydrocodone and oxycodone.
But even with treatment and prevention efforts the problem still exists.

How Painkiller Addiction Begins

No one wants to become a painkiller addict. The addiction usually starts innocently enough either in the case of a young person who is experimenting or an older person who gets a legal prescription for an illness or injury.

Ultimately someone is experiencing some type of problem and the drugs seem like a solution. The most common problems depending on age groups are:

•    Trouble fitting in or social problems.
•    A physical injury like a broken bone.
•    Mental issues like depression or anxiety in which the person feels they can alleviate the symptoms with drugs.
•    Loss like the death of a loved one or a divorce.
•    Boredom or lack of other things to do.

The person will begin to use the drugs for one of these problems above or other issues and because the substances are addictive and alter the natural chemistry of the brain they become hooked. This may take days, weeks or months but the outcome is the same; that the person has an addiction.

Once this occurs, getting and using painkillers becomes the primary purpose of the individual and they will end up with financial and often legal issues because of it. Relationships can deteriorate and the person will also likely experience problems with their health.

Once this happens, the only solution is treatment.

The Prescription Sales Epidemic

The primary reason for the problem, a local article reports that pharmacies in the United States fill enough prescriptions for one painkiller, Percocet to give every single United States citizen 1 pill a piece. More than 69 tons of oxycodone have been handed out, and most states have seen a 500% increase in the use of prescriptions.

Painkillers have been responsible for nearly 15,000 deaths in the country over a one year period; many of them with young people whose lives were taken too soon.

Narconon Reviews How To Solve Painkiller Addiction

Narconon reviews the problem of prescription painkiller addiction from rehabilitating addicts and helping family members and feel that an approach needs to be taken to handle the problem from all walks of life. Families, loved ones, law enforcement, health workers and drug prevention and rehabilitation groups like NA, Narconon and other private and public centers have to be aware of the problem and work together to solve it

Prescription drug monitoring is now used with 40 states in the United States to try to put some control in on the non-medical use of prescriptions. Families and loved ones who suspect someone may be abusing these drugs are responsible for getting the person into rehab. And, enforcement and health groups must form a system that puts enough discipline in on the person to get them to stop using long enough and get them into treatment for the problem.

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