Painkiller Abuse By Kids Way Up Says Study

The abuse of prescription drugs by kids has been increasing more and more over the years and is now at an all time high. It has even beat out all other types of illicit drugs, aside from marijuana.  IN fact, a recent study found that there has been an increase in abuse by 40 percent. There is more data backing up this new find: there has also been a 129 percent increase in ER visits as well as a 500 percent jump in the number of people receiving treatment for addiction. Additionally, the number of accidental overdose deaths have increased dramatically; this was discovered by collecting data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health during periods from 1985 to 2009.

Many people are not aware of the dangers of abusing prescription drugs, even adults. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health disclosed that over 70 percent of people that were misusing prescription drugs had gotten them from someone they new, such as a friend or family member. This makes a lot of sense seeing how most homes have prescription drugs right in their medicine cabinets, at complete access to curious kids, teens and even adults.

So, what’s the fascination with painkillers anyway? Well, it starts with the first abuse. They work by fastening to pain receptors in the brain to block or reduce the feeling of pain. This often causes a euphoric or “high” feeling that is magnified by taking higher dosages or by mixing them with alcohol. These particular types of drugs can cause physical dependence and my lead to addiction in some people. In addition, studies have shown that addiction to these types of prescription drugs may lead to the use of heroine. This happens when the prescription painkillers become too expensive to keep up with the habit. Surprisingly, heroine is cheaper and creates a similar effect. . Some of the more popular pills consist of Oxycontin, Vicodin and Valium.

What Can Be Done

Education is by far the best means of prevention, whether it’s through school programs or at home. Because parents are the best role models, they should talk to their kids about the dangers of abusing drugs, including prescription drugs. Make them aware of the detrimental effects that they can have in ways that kids can relate, such as losing friends or doing bad in school. For those who are having trouble with addiction, there are many drug treatment facilities available. In fact, there are more than 13,000 specialized addiction and drug abuse treatment facilities offering behavioral therapy, counseling, case management, medication and other kinds of assistance to people with substance abuse problems.

In addition to drug treatment facilities, there are other means of getting help for drug abuse and addiction by way of residential, outpatient and inpatient settings offering specified treatment procedures and therapeutic services available at any given setting. Most importantly, parents should set a good example for their children by using prescription drugs correctly.

Parent should also never leave unused prescriptions in the house and dispose of them properly after use. Drop off stations exist to safely dispose of pills and can be found through local law enforcement agencies.

If you think or son or daughter is using prescriptions get them immediate help. For more information follow Narconon on Twitter or log on to our site. We offer successful treatment where seven out of ten graduates stay permanently drug free.
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