New Synthetic Drug Appears On Local Scene

There is a new drug emerging into the local scene that is part of the recent synthetic drug epidemic. It is known as N-Bomb or Smiles.

This particular synthetic drug is very similar to LSD in that is has a psychedelic effect on the user. It is taken by dropping the liquid substance onto paper, which is then placed on the tongue, much like LSD.

Unlike other synthetic drugs, Smiles are mostly sold over the Internet as opposed to in shops or gas stations. Unfortunately not many know just how dangerous this drug is.

Don’t Let the Name Deceive You

Smiles may sound like a harmless drug, but the truth is that they are extremely dangerous. In fact, they are more dangerous than the infamous bath salts. Smiles causes hallucinations, rapid heartbeat and psychotic episodes and have been compared to LSD and methamphetamine put together. These types of drugs are particularly dangerous because users have no idea of what is actually in them or how much may be too much.

Also, if these unknown substances were to mix with other drugs in the body, the outcome could be disastrous. In fact, there have been several overdose deaths in California, Louisiana, North Dakota and Virginia as a direct result of using this drug. In addition, the Internet allows users to not only gain access to these drugs, but also how to locate them, buy them in bulk and how to make them at home.

The Scary Reality Of Designer Drugs

In July President Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Act 2012, but as The Drug Enforcement Administration, recognizing in 2011 that by outlawing the five chemicals consistently found in the product the manufacturers will continue to rapidly come up with a new formula often only one molecule apart from the illegal formula as they have in the past. The price and ease that these drugs are to obtain often gives the user the idea that they are in the same league as marijuana and other drugs, but that’s far from the truth.

Research has shown that they are much more addictive and powerful. To give you an idea of what these drugs are capable of doing to some after their very first time trying them, they experience extreme paranoia, nausea, seizures, hallucinations, agitation, vomiting, tremor, tachycardia (racing heartbeat), elevated blood pressure and anxiety. Synthetic drugs have been described as cocaine only ten times worse. In fact, in 2010, a 21-year-old man from Kansas jumped in front of a vehicle, killing himself. It was later disclosed that he had “bath salts” in his body during the incident. However, unlike cocaine and drugs from the past these do not show up on common drug tests.

When teens are aware of the health risks of taking drugs like these, they are less likely to experiment with them. These dangerous drugs are very new to the drug scene and hopefully education of the side effects could also help teens make smart choices during times of peer pressure and curiosity.

Parents should make sure and take the time to educate their kids on the dangers of synthetics. And if someone is using these drugs they should seek immediate treatment in a drug or alcohol rehab center. For more information about Narconon contact us today.


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