New Abuse Trend Is Smoking Alcohol

Man has shared a long and close history with alcohol, its brewing and consumption being a part of his earliest recorded history across the geographic landscape of the world.  Beer jugs discovered as Stone Age artifacts establish that Man’s love affair with alcohol dates back to nearly 10,000 years BC.  The wisdom of that long and close relationship with alcohol and its consumption is at best, questionable.

What is Alcohol?

The alcohol used in beverages is a fermented drink, made from fruits and grains.

Fermentation is a natural chemical process in which yeast acts upon certain ingredients in the grains or the fruit, and the sugar in it produces alcohol.  It doesn’t necessarily sound too “fun” or “recreational” once you become aware of what alcohol really is, a byproduct of fermentation.

Not necessarily a common piece of knowledge in our culture, but alcohol is in fact a drug. Because it slows down the vital functions of the body when it is consumed, it is classified as a depressant.  It results in, amongst other things, slurred speech, an unsteady gait, and slowed reaction times.  Mentally, like any drug, it lessens the user’s ability to think rationally and make decisions based on good judgment.

Culturally, it seems we have come to equate the consumption of alcohol with “having fun”, and for many people who drink, it is considered a recreational activity.  The cycle of consumption begins with the user experiencing a stimulant effect.  Alcohol is often referred to as a “social lubricant”, and after a glass or two of booze, the drinker seems to loosen-up socially.  If the person continues to drink more, and more remains in the body, he or she will then experience the depressant effect of alcohol, perhaps beginning to feel sort of “stupid”, or uncoordinated.  Upon consuming more, the person can experience an overdose of alcohol, which is a more severe depressant effect, including an inability to feel pain, and a level of toxicity, which causes the body to vomit the poison.  Depending on how much alcohol the person consumes and how fast they consume it, the result can be unconsciousness, and worst-case scenario, leading to coma or death due to severe toxic overdose.  And therein lies the serious danger of the newest trend in alcohol consumption, smoking alcohol.

Smoking Alcohol

You inhale it.  You don’t drink it. Teens can put a small amount of alcohol into a plastic bottle, pump it with air, and suck in the powerful alcohol fumes. But why would he or she do that?  Because it gives the instant high that so many drinkers, and users and abusers crave.  And like so much information, good or bad, which we gain as instant knowledge, its technique is instantly available on the internet to a generation of young people who are already plugged-in, and hooked-up to the information highway.

The incredible danger of smoking alcohol, in addition to its potential to be extremely addictive, is that it bypasses the body’s natural mechanism to rid itself of the alcohol toxins gradually overwhelming it when glass after glass of alcohol is consumed.  On the contrary, smoking alcohol sends an instant shot of pure alcohol directly to the brain, and according to the teenagers doing it, they are drunk within seconds.  According to one professional in the drug rehab field, smoking alcohol, whether it is whiskey or beer or another drink of choice, it is comparable to five or six shots going into the person’s bloodstream almost immediately.  He went on to say that smoking alcohol is like binge drinking in an instant.  Although it is too new a trend to know how much damage is being done, either by overdose or dependence, it is certain that time will tell.

And whether it is alcohol abuse by drinking it, or smoking it, Narconon Freedom Center is ready and available to effectively help those who want to break free from the chains of addiction, and live a drug-free life. For more information on the effects of alcohol contact us today.


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