National Recovery Month at Narconon Freedom Center

recoveryNational Recovery Month is a nationwide effort to promote the benefits of drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery. These are important issues affecting all Americans, so the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration takes time every September to promote the message that drug abuse can be prevented, and it can be treated, too.

Many diseases such as HIV/AIDS and breast cancer have awareness months so that the public can learn about these conditions. Many diseases can be prevented (or at least have the risks of death lessened) by educational efforts. When the public knows about what causes certain diseases or how to look for the signs of these diseases, the fatality of these conditions can be markedly lowered.

With a similar goal in mind, the 24th annual National Recovery Month can raise awareness for all Americans about the causes of drug abuse and what is being done to help addicts recover. In addition to educating the public on these topics, the month is also a time to encourage addicts to continue the process of recovering from drug abuse.

Narconon Freedom Center Events

In order to support this effort, the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center of Albion, Michigan is planning a month of activities and events. The theme for this year’s month of observance will be “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness.” This is an ideal theme for celebrating the progress the center has already made in helping addicts get sober, but it is also a pledge to continue the process for many more.

The center believes that effective drug abuse prevention and treatment starts by all members of a community working together and communicating about solutions, so this month’s activities will include drug prevention education seminars and celebrations to acknowledge students that are progressing through the stages of recovery towards sobriety and drug-free living. Graduates of Narconon Freedom Treatment Center and their families will also share their inspirational stories in order to help let others know that effective recovery is possible.

Even if you won’t be in Michigan this September, you can look for National Recovery Month events happening in your local area by visiting You can also observe the month right in your own home in several ways. One is to start educating yourself about drugs and drug abuse. Just by being knowledgeable in the area, you can help your friends and family to stay drug-free. Another excellent way to support the effort is to contact local drug rehabilitation centers and ask about ways to help or volunteer. Every bit of help, no matter how small, is a huge benefit to Americans walking the road of recovery.

If you would like to celebrate National Recovery Month along with the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center, or if you would simply like more information on safe and effective drug rehabilitation, feel free to contact the Freedom Treatment Center by calling toll free at 877-362-9682.

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