Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol addiction are difficult to stop without treatment. Each individual is left to their own devices, the addict must fight a battle with their mind to overcome substance abuse and the substance often wins.

Finding a Treatment Facility

When one finds themselves or a loved one in the grips of addiction, finding a treatment facility can appearAddiction Treatment to be overwhelming. This is due to the vast amount of treatment facilities and programs that are offered all over the world.

There are just so many options and you want to be sure you find one that suits the needs of the individual being admitted into the treatment facility, so that they receive the highest level of care and truly overcome their addiction.

Types of Treatment

Often times, if you have never had to research the different types of rehabilitation programs available, you get lost in the options. Knowing all the different types of treatment and how they work for people is key to choosing the right facility. Here are the different types of treatment facilities that are offered all across the globe to help you make the right choice for you or your loved one.

12 Step Programs: This type of drug rehab program offers you a set of steps that you need to complete alongside a sponsor that assist in overcoming the “disease” of addiction. A sponsor is someone with a lengthy amount of time sober, who helps you with any issues you may have and getting you through the 12 steps of the program; a guidance counselor in your recovery.

Faith Based Programs: This type of drug rehab program lets you find your recovery through church and scripture. Many times a specific church hosts the faith based programs to help instill how faith in God can heal your soul and help you through recovery.

Holistic Programs: This drug rehab program offers a different method for one to achieve recovery from drugs and alcohol. It does not label the drug abuser as an addict, but allows each individual to help their enter being such as, mentally, physically and emotionally. With this addiction is not a disease, but an obstacle tangled in with many other life obstacles that all need to untangled alongside each other.

Choosing Narconon Freedom Center

When the types of treatment are broken down into categories, it is much easier for you to make a sound decision on what type of drug rehab will suit you or your loved one’s needs. Often times, holistic drug rehabs are an option that are sometimes overlooked by many due to it not being a mainstream style of treatment.

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan offers a completely holistic approach to recovery, as well as being a totally drug free facility. Our drug rehab understands that all aspects of one’s life have been affected by drug or alcohol addiction, thus needing a comprehensive program.

During your stay at our facility in Albion, Michigan, you can expect for the physical, mental and emotional parts of your life to bholistic drug rehab methodse addressed, as well as healing the relationships that have been torn apart during your addiction. Narconon Freedom Center understands that addiction is not a disease, but that you may have used alcohol or drugs as a solution to other underlying feelings or problems. Our staff wants to assist you in finding answers and watch you turn your entire life around for the better.

The feedback form you submit or phone call you make today to Narconon Freedom Center can start the healing process immediately.

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