Narconon Freedom Center located in Albion, Michigan is one of the most recognized names in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With nearly 50 years of helping addicts recover at an incredible success rate, Narconon’s methods are proven to work for all types of people. Some ask about the Narconon philosophy; what the program is all about, what it’s based on and if results are what they appear to be.

Narconon Freedom Center Philosophy & Beliefs

Throughout its’ history, Narconon has maintained a unique philosophy on treatment. This perspective, and the treatments deriHope in recoveryved from this outlook, have proven itself to be successful for nearly half a century.


It is commonly accepted that relapse is part of recovery. Virtually all rehabilitation centers and drug counselors believe this to be true, and the families of drug addicts often find this out as well. However, Narconon philosophy does not believe with this assessment.

At Narconon, relapse is not part of recovery. Since patients detox without the use of substitute drugs, they truly break their addictions and rid themselves of their cravings for drugs. Patients also learn the life skills necessary to avoid situations where they would typically turn to drugs; they are also educated in handling stress in a healthy and positive way. Patients who complete the Narconon program not only stay clean, but they have no inclination to return to their previous drug use.

Narconon Freedom Center ResultsFreedom Treatment Center client

Approximately 7 out of 10 patients who come to Narconon for their drug and alcohol rehabilitation leave Narconon after treatment and never use again. This rate far exceeds other facilities, and it is a great testament to Narconon’s ability to rehabilitate and permanently change the lives of its patients. If you or your loved one is struggling with a battle against addiction, let Narconon Freedom Center help today.

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