Narconon Freedom Center Works with NIDA during National Drug Facts Week

happyNarconon Freedom Center rallies its troops every year for drug facts week, starting January 27th and running through February 2nd this year. This year they teamed up with the NIDA to help bring more information about marijuana to parents and teens.

What is National Drug Facts Week

National Drug Facts Week is a week of health observance where teens can learn more about drugs and work to spread the truths about drugs and their abuse in their communities. There are a variety of different community and national events that take place during this week to encourage teens and their parents to get factual answers from scientists who are experts on the subject

Who is NIDA?

NIDA is short for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is a national institute funded by the United States Federal government to research drugs and their effects on the human body. Their mission is to “lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.” NIDA can trace its roots back to 1935 when its research facility was founded to research drug abuse warnings. They remain today to study new prescription medications as well and street drugs to help bring scientific facts to people around the world.

Narconon and NIDA’s campaign

NIDA teamed up with Narconon Freedom Center this year for National Drug Facts Week to distribute booklets on the truths about marijuana to parents and teens. Narconon Freedom Center has found through its efforts to make the truth about drugs and their harmful effects known to the public that the number of people who do not have the facts continues to astound them. The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in some of America’s fifty states has made the substance seem as if it is not harmful.

The booklet Narconon and the NIDA delivered to parents and teens over this past awareness week aims to make the facts known about the harmful effects that marijuana actually causes and to clear the smoke screen of confusion that legalizing it has brought about. Narconon has found through surveys that those who enroll in their program don’t usually have the facts and admit that if they had had the facts, they may have never taken the substance in the first place.

The booklet about marijuana that Narconon and NIDA distributed to parents and teens covers many of the questions one may have and gives the clear answers. One of the questions that especially has to do with young people today is, “Does it affect a young person’s ability to learn?”

The answer to this should be known to teens especially since they are at an age where pot smoking is happening all over in their environment. Often the truth gets clouded by their parents telling them “no”, to their friends saying that marijuana is totally safe. With the scientific facts in their hands, these teens will be able to make better decisions.

Narconon Freedom Center is a non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility that works to empower those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. It does so in a completely natural way that does not use any drugs or medications during the detox program. The Freedom Center also provide education on the different types of drugs and the effects they have on the body as well as life skills training to help their clients confront their problems. The Freedom Center helped achieve part of that goal this past week.


PR Web: Narconon Freedom Center Joins NIDA Offering Marijuana info for National Drug Facts Week

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