Narconon Freedom Center Using Facebook Page as Addiction Education Resource

facebookWith the vast amounts of information now available on the Internet, many individuals are turning to the internet to look for answers relating to any and all questions they have. In fact, many believe that gaps in information can be filled if one just takes the time to “Google it”. Searching the Internet is not only simple, it’s a private way to discuss or get information or answers about situations or conditions that may be embarrassing. With the rising popularity of Facebook, more groups and businesses are using this forum to spread important information and messages to the public.

Looking for Pearls in a Sea of Varied Information

As easy as it is to find information on the Internet, it is likewise very easy to put any kind of information on the internet for others to read. And unfortunately, one man’s treasure may be another man’s trash. For example, an individual who is struggling with the challenges of overcoming a drug addiction may go online to seek helpful advice. He may make the error of following the posted advice of another addict who did not actually resolve their addiction, but instead simply found a substitute drug. The blog post may not contain the additional information about the addictiveness and dangerousness of the new drug, and it may falsely paint a picture of drug substitution resolving addiction. Following such advice is like buying a car without finding out all about it; important information that can influence one’s choice is entirely absent.

In order to combat the growing landslide of misleading and false information on the internet and provide the public with workable answers, experts in the various fields under discussion must step up and provide the public with helpful, factual information. A qualified rehabilitation center with proven results will likely make more of an impact with its online addiction education than a host of individuals who are spreading their limited personal opinions on the subject. The Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan is doing just this service for the public, with a Facebook page at

With approximately 70% of Narconon graduates reporting to live drug abstinent lives, the Narconon rehabilitation program has clearly gotten results. It therefore follows that the Narconon Freedom Center has well-established its right to promote the truths about addiction and how to successfully handle addiction.

The Importance of Addiction Education

There are more than a few rumors circulating around the Internet regarding whether addiction is actually real, and what it means. Drug proponents may even use weak statements to try to “prove” that some drugs can be used regularly, in small doses, without causing addiction. For example, supporters of marijuana state that marijuana use should be fully legalized because marijuana has never killed anyone, its active ingredients are less toxic than nicotine and it helps treat the symptoms of serious diseases like AIDs and cancers. However, these misleading statements cleverly avoid the fact that marijuana contains over 400 chemicals; that marijuana has long been acknowledged as a “gateway drug” leading to the use of more dangerous drugs, and that marijuana is addictive.

The addiction education provided by Narconon Freedom Center on their Facebook page provides factual information about addiction and is available for anyone to read. It is another vitally important step in eradicating false information about addiction, and educating the public in the truths and dangers of addiction in the hopes of one day achieving a drug-free world.

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