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generic guyAccording to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 23 million Americans currently use illicit drugs. This means that with roughly three hundred million people living in America right now, roughly 7% of them suffer from the effects of illicit drug use. The Office of National Drug Control Policy estimates that substance abuse costs the economy approximately $193 billion every year due to crime committed by, health care needed by and loss of productivity in those who are abusing drugs.

There is no doubt that substance abuse is a major problem, and that decisive action must be taken to help prevent and resolve substance abuse if we want Americans to lead happier, safer, healthier lives.

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

In 2011 President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation naming October as National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. This month brings attention to the vital role that substance abuse prevention plays in maintaining healthy individuals and communities. It is a month when effective prevention strategies and early intervention tips are widely promoted so that the negative consequences of substance abuse can be prevented before they occur. Some individuals and groups also take the time during National Substance Abuse Prevention Month to remember those who have lost their lives due to substance abuse.

Effective, informative and factual drug prevention education plays an important role in substance abuse prevention. Individuals who are given the full truth about drugs and their effects are better armed to make a wise choice and abstain from drug use. Even if you understand that drugs are bad and are certain you will never use them, it is still wise to educate yourself in the various effects of drugs and what makes them addictive. Similarly, ensuring that your children are well-educated about drugs will help make sure that they remain drug-free.

One of the worst mistakes one can make is to remain ignorant of an individual’s unnatural behavior and signs of substance abuse. Some of the behavioral changes that can occur as a result of substance abuse include irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, loss or increase of appetite, changed eating patterns, red, watery eyes, unusual smells on body or clothes and deterioration of hygiene or physical health. If you notice these or other behavioral changes in an individual, it’s important to step in and ascertain if substance abuse is the cause, and help the individual get help to resolve their substance abuse.

In honor of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2013, Narconon Freedom Center has released the following public service announcement in the hopes that it may spread far and be viewed by many:

While an individual’s initial reaction to this public service announcement may be dismay or even disbelief, it’s important to remember that with 7% of the American population abusing illicit drugs, the fact of drug use and overdose does occur routinely. And though emergency medical treatment can sometimes be effective in saving a drug overdose victim’s life, the most sure way to save their life is to intervene and prevent substance abuse in the first place.

About Narconon Freedom Center

Narconon Freedom Center is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Albion, Michigan. Situated on 58,000 acres of naturally wooded land, the Narconon Freedom Center seeks to address and fully resolve the mental and physical causes and effects of substance abuse. The holistic Narconon rehabilitation program includes a sauna detox to eliminate harmful drug residues from the individual’s body, a vitamin regimen, counseling to get to the bottom of the individual’s initial drug use, life skills courses to arm the individual with the necessary tools for a healthy, productive future, and more. Narconon encourages drug prevention education and early intervention to help individuals prevent or resolve substance abuse.

Narconon Freedom Center’s public service announcement message is a powerful one, and very honest. You can wait too long to prevent substance abuse, so it’s important not to wait if you think someone may have a substance abuse problem. Act now and you may save someone’s life.


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