Narconon Freedom Center Students Succeed with Training Routines

communicationAn alcoholic’s or a drug addict’s life is in danger every time he uses. It’s not just that drugs and alcohol are immediately damaging to the body itself. While it’s true that these substances act as poisons in the body and gradually kill the individual, they can also kill quickly by causing a drug overdose or alcohol poisoning. Then there is the damage that drugs and alcohol can do when a user drives drunk or operates other heavy machinery. Someone that has nothing to do with the addict and doesn’t even know him or her can still be harmed or even lose their life.

With such a life-threatening problem affecting so many Americans, it’s important that rehab centers be effective. It’s not enough to just put someone through a drug detox and then hope that they are able to get sober. Too many centers try this approach and end up seeing their patients head right back to drug abuse or alcoholism as soon as they go home.

This is why Narconon Freedom Center uses a different approach. Just detoxing from drugs isn’t enough. Drug addicts need more in order to put their lives back together.

The Revolutionary Method called Training Routines

When an addict goes to Narconon Freedom Center, he isn’t considered a patient. The Freedom Center uses a completely drug-free approach to getting addicts sober. Instead, addicts in recovery are called students. After students complete their detoxification program, they are matched up with another student under the care of a trained supervisor. They then begin doing training routines.

These exercises train a student to be able to confront other people and to communicate to them effectively. Students start out by practicing the ability to just face another person comfortably without flinching, getting embarrassed, or needing to look away. This skill alone—to just be able to face others comfortably, is described as life-changing by many graduates.

Further Training Routines

Students then go on to practice a number of other skills. One, for example, is the ability to communicate to others clearly and effectively. Just by being able to communicate to others effectively, a recovering addict can resolve many of the difficulties that may have led him or her to use drugs in the first place. For example, social discomfort, or marital or job difficulties can be eased or completely resolved by simply being able to talk to others and getting what you have to say across.

There are even more training routines that address different areas of confronting and communicating to others, and the sum total of the experience is a graduate who can happily and confident use these skills to create a drug-free, healthy life for himself.

A Testimonial from a Narconon Freedom Center Graduate on Training Routines

Training routines often give Narconon graduates some of their biggest successes of the entire program. Here is what one graduate had to say about training routines:

“I feel awesome doing TRs [training routines]. Now it feels so much easier to sit here and be comfortable, I have way less mental image pictures show up, if any at all, but when they do it is easy to just confront them and let them go away.

On another occasion, the graduate also had this to say:

“My body got like a really heavy feeling, like I solidified my whole body like I was real sturdy….It was weird, but then I recognized what it was. I felt real, like I was actually here, like right here. There was no pain or discomfort, I was really just right here.

– K.Q.

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