Narconon Freedom Center Student Reviews Book 1

narconon-logoBook 1 [also called the Therapeutic Training Routines Course]  was very helpful to me.  Coming into Narconon I had a lot of doubts.  I was very stubborn and not ready to give it my all.  When arriving into Book 1 it changed my visions and thoughts about the program.  TR’s helped me more that I know.

Being able to content is huge. TR 0’s are also very important. To “Be there” is a good feeling.  I can’t describe how many times while using I wasn’t “there” or aware of my surroundings, which is very important.

Intention without reservation is another important part.  I feel great going into sauna and very confident and positive.  If I could give any advice to future students it would be when in doubt of Book 1, hang in there because it all has a purpose and good intention.


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