Narconon Freedom Center Spreads Information on Drug Use and Cancer

cancerEvery year, new scientific research is released that further proves how dangerous drug use is. Studies in the past have shown that drug use lowers your IQ, make you impotent or even cause heart attacks. It seems that drug use can hurt pretty much every part of your body.

Now, new research is establishing more links between drug use and cancer. For years, doctors have wondered whether or not there was a connection between certain drugs and the likelihood that a person would develop the disease.

Cancer is the uncontrolled and dangerous division of cells in any area of the body. Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes cancer, and they’re not completely sure of how to cure it, but they have been gaining more clues to the answers to these questions every year.

One thing that scientists do know is that cells have to be damaged before they will begin dividing uncontrollably. This is because cells have “programming” that tells them when to divide and when it’s time to die off and get replaced by new, healthy cells. When this programming is damaged, cells can neglect to die off and get replaced. They will continue to divide over and over again, uncontrollably. These tumors can even migrate to other parts of the body and start dividing in these other locations, as well.

It is well worth the time of research scientists to figure out how cells are damaged and how to prevent the damage that creates uncontrolled cellular division.

The Cocaine Connection

For years, some scientists have wondered whether or not there was a connection between cancer and cocaine use. Scientists have known for decades that the drug was potentially a carcinogen. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer in a living thing, and research from last year has now shown that there is a very good chance that cocaine has this effect on living cells.

A Dr. Rosenkranz from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Cornell University has found that cocaine produces “significant cellular changes” that could lead to cancer. Research in the British Journal of Cancer showed that cocaine users had a 40% increase in their chance of developing certain forms of cancer over their drug-free peers.

In other words, research is ongoing, but there is a very strong chance that using cocaine could contribute to developing cancer at some point in your life. With the many, many other health risks of using drugs, it makes one wonder why anyone would ever want to start using them.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Far too few people know about the dangerous effects these drugs can have, but then again, far too few people even understand cancer and the risks it has. In order to raise awareness of one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, March has been designated Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Colorectal cancers are ones that affect the colon or rectum in human beings. These parts of the body are part of the digestive tract, and they are the third most common type of cancer. Research has shown that these conditions can be aggravated by drug use (including alcohol use), so it is time that all Americans know what kind of danger they are putting themselves in when they use drugs or drink.

Narconon Freedom Center has the mission of prolonging the life and happiness of everyone in its community, so it fully supports and contributes to the efforts of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month to get the truth out about these dangerous (and potentially preventable) conditions.


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