Narconon Freedom Center Provides Drug Education for Teen Dating Violence Awareness

teen violenceFebruary is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. This is a time for all Americans to come together and recognize the devastating effects of violence among our nation’s youth. Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan knows that there is an indisputable connection between violence and drug use, so helping to handle and prevent one will help to handle and prevent the other. To this end, it is working to provide education regarding the insidious link between teen violence and teen drug and alcohol addiction.

How Parents Can Prevent Teen Drug Abuse and Violence

Studies show that teens who have parents who take an active part in their lives are less likely to try drugs and alcohol or be involved in teen violence. Being involved doesn’t mean you have to be a stay at home parent who is there twenty-four seven. An involved parent is a parent who is there when teens need them. It is a parent who the child feels comfortable and safe enough with that they are able to turn to the parent when they have questions and need help with any of their problems.

Studies have shown that parents who have dinner with their teens five or more times a week are less likely to try drugs. This may be because a routine schedule helps teens to develop structure in their lives and feel safe in their environment. It also provides the parent with more time to spend with their teens to find out how they are doing and what they are up to.

Studies have also show that teens who are more social and involved in groups and teams are less likely to get involved in drug abuse and violence. This doesn’t mean your teen needs to be an all star athlete. A teen can join any type of productive group that suits them by being more active with other people their age and contributing to society.

How Teens can Prevent Teen Drug Abuse and Violence

Knowledge is power. When you know the truth about an issue like drug abuse, you can keep it from adversely affecting your life. The problem is that not enough young people know about the connection between drug abuse and violence.

For example, drugs and alcohol are often used to facilitate sexual abuse or “date rape” as they can lower a person’s inhibitions or ability to protect themselves from unwanted sexual advances. When young people know that getting drunk or high can lead to violence, they can make the decision to stay sober on dates and at parties. It is for this reason that Narconon Freedom Center is spreading awareness of this vital issue.

How Narconon Freedom Center can Help

Narconon Freedom Center has partnered with Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in order to raise awareness on this issue. This month is an opportunity for parents and educators to talk to young people about safe dating and how to prevent the violence that can arise on dates. It’s not just young women that are attacked, for example. Young men can also be abused by their partners, and it is a myth that only men abuse women.

By spreading information about drug use and violence, Narconon Freedom Center wants to continue the trend of lowering both drug use and the subsequent violence that it causes. We can help eliminate drug use by talking to one person at a time. Spread the word to every young person you know: drug use is not the way to a happy, healthy life.

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