Narconon Freedom Center Promotes National Health and Fitness Month

fitnessOne of the great paradoxes of American society is that we love sports, but we have a national obesity problem at the same time. While American youth continue to play sports and exercise in schools, it might be true that we have begun to love watching others play sports more than we like to participate in them ourselves. This is a trend that we need to reverse if we want to be a healthy country.

This is because physical fitness is a key part of staying healthy. Your body and mind simply can’t function correctly unless you are getting a moderate amount of exercise several times a week. Without exercise, your body starts to build up excess amounts of fat all over your body. Your heart and blood vessels are strained under these conditions, and you can become more likely to suffer from heat attacks and other negative physical conditions. By exercising several times a week, every system of organs in your body becomes more healthy and better able to function properly.

It’s for this reason that Narconon Freedom Center is promoting National Health and Fitness Month this May. This is a time for the whole country to reflect on its physical fitness habits and to decide what we can do to improve our level of fitness.

As Narconon Freedom Center has the mission of improving the health of the community through effective drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation, promoting physical fitness is also part of its job. The Freedom Center promotes physical fitness every day through its programs, and here is part of how it does it.

Looking for Ways to Integrate Fitness Every Day

The best way to keep physical fitness part of your life is to find ways to exercise every day. This doesn’t mean that you have to run a marathon every morning or bench press hundreds of pounds over your lunch break. Instead, you can find small ways to stay active. For example, decide if you really need to drive to your destination. Sometimes your destination is really within walking distance if you’re willing to take a little longer. It’s a small action, but even just going on walks every day can make a big difference for your health.

At the Freedom Center, staff are always looking for new ways to help clients improve their physical fitness. Daily running is already part of the program for clients that are detoxing from drugs and alcohol, but the center also has facilities for clients to play sports such as football, volleyball, softball and basketball. Clients can also play ping pong or go swimming at the local pool. By giving clients lots of opportunities to stay active in fun ways, Narconon Freedom Center makes it easy to stay active.

Use Exercise to Prevent and Handle Drug Abuse

You don’t have to wait till you’re addicted to drugs to start exercising regularly, of course. If you do find that a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, however, you can use exercise as a tool to get that person clean. Get active in your own life, and then start having your loved one accompany you when you go jogging or on walks. Invite the drug abuser to the gym and see how they do with working out. If they can’t keep up with you due to the generally weakened state that drug abuse causes, it can help you start a conversation about getting them clean.

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