Narconon Freedom Center Patient Talks About Training Routines Bullbait Exercise

yellingThe following is a testimonial from a Narconon Freedom Center patient named Blake on one of the Training Routine exercises called ‘Bullbait.’ This is an exercise that can help to flatten buttons that a person may have or areas they are sensitive about. These areas can often trigger negative reactions like drug use.

My story on Bull Bait:

It was hard! Now when I say hard, it was very hard. Hearing someone say to you how much of a shitty person you are. It also helped me out. It made me stop and think that I do belong here. Now there were some really hard things to face, but I did! And that was a great thing to do. To sit there in front of someone you hardly know and listen to them tell you hurtful things. Yes that is very, very, very hard. But now I can say I DID IT!! Hell Yea!

Blake – Narconon Freedom Center Patient

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